So is Sasha a hunter or assault?

I have the first Sasha assault rife now it's out again but a hunters weapon someone make up our mind

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  • chris6819chris6819 Member Posts: 25
    So much for better chance of getting tokens just spent 50 phones on spins and got non yet again like every other time I have tried to get tokens when they say you have a better chance just a big con

  • jeffstasykjeffstasyk Member Posts: 162
    its all random...i spent 30 radios today...only 30 cuz i am HORRIBLE at saving any....

    10 sasha tokens

    10 sasha tokens(x2 as both options were sasha 10...which is frustrating...haha)

    32 carl tokens....which is nice but im like 400+ away on him still...would have rather just had 32 sasha on this one...

    but 3 calls all got hero tokens...its all random as im sure my next one could easily be 2 uncommon survs for 8 tokens...
  • chris6819chris6819 Member Posts: 25
    And £18.00 for dam gun in a game they are tripping if they think they will get alot of people paying that in a game rip off
  • jeffstasykjeffstasyk Member Posts: 162
    they must get enough since there are bundles up all the time...ive bought a couple...usually if they have a large amount of gold attached with a nice weapon and TG then ill think about it...
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