Hard scavenger - Equipment?

I know with the supplies and experience missions, you get a larger bonus. I haven't noticed better equipment from the hard vs the normal .... anyone else have better results?


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    With the new update, the level of equipment in end of mission crates has changed. Previously I got level 18 equipment on a RSL 23 mission.

    With the new update, the equipment depends on the RSL. If you are playing a RSL 20 mission, you would get a minimum 19 level equipment. If you are playing a hard scavenge mission with RSL 23, you would still get a minimum 19 level equipment (RSL 23 = RSL 20 minus one). The main reason why you don't get level 21 onwards equipment is that the same does not exist

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    @schreier If you have survs lvl20 and at least one with pink star(6 star survivor), then you have normal/hard scavenge missions on RSL20/23 and there is no difference in after missions chests. Only difference is in reward for XP and supplies missioins.
    As @zeeblack mentioned, after 2.4 update(challenge rework) all RSL above 20 behave like RSL20 and equip drop lvl is equal to RSL or 1 lvl lower.
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    I've lost count of the number of hard equipment scavenge missions I've done over last few days and the rewards have been frankly awful. Think I've seen 2 epic pieces, rest have been green or (more often than not) worse.
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