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This follows on from a few struggles to get any decent kit worth upgrading, and having scouts with base lvl13 knives, Warrios with the same, and Assualts with base lvl14 kit. My Guys are Lvl16's ATM.

A question re: Camp levels and upgrades. I'm a bit lost at the moment. I have no-one to train (all are lvl16). Kit is proving to be the hardest item to obtain, and I'll only pull better kit by increasing player level. My issue is, My scout kit is poor. Nothing worth upgrading. Warrior is the same bar lvl17 and 20 armour (Workshop Not ready to upgrade as yet). Shooters\Hunters are sorted, Maybe some Hunter Armour would be worth it, but after getting poor traits on the 12.5K Bruiser kit (In terms of how i use them), I may hold back. Assault has a "Decent" lvl17 kit to upgrade. As of now, lvl42. Farms (5) are lvl9. I plan on upgrading a few. Hosptial\Mission car are at max availible. Council is 16, Training grounds 15, Workshop 13. Supplies can hold 3M, which is more than i need.

So would you A) Do the holy Trinity? (council\Training Grounds\Workshop), and run a few weeks with poor kit?
Or B ) Get Farms to 10, then Holy Trinity?


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    Farms farms farms once ur farms r full tomatoes r easy!! Wish there were 6 xp tents
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    My second account is in the same position as you. Player level 51. Level 18 survivors. Training grounds already complete, but waiting before I train anyone to 19. Shop can handle base 19 gear, which I have some.

    Went through a long stage where I couldn't find any decent level appropriate gear to upgrade. And doing Hard equipment missions kept netting me over-leveled gear (which now, can be useful once upgraded). As a result, like you, I have level 18 hunters running around in base level 12&13 armor (upgraded to 15/16) It's a one hit bruise most of the time. Weapons in better shape. With under-level weapons, the game become very difficult.

    To answer your question, unless you've been upgrading higher level gear ready for use by level 17 survivors, I wouldn't train anyone to 17 if I were you. If you find it difficult using level 16s with low level gear, going to 17 and increasing the RSL by +1 with that same low level gear will be terrible. This is what I'm doing right now, upgrading base level 19 gear, currently unusable, to be immediately equipped when I train survivors to 19. I didn't have to do this with my main account

    It's painful spending all your XPs upgrading gear you can't even use yet, but I keep telling myself, there's no reason to rush ahead in this game
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    Thanks, makes sense. New challenge has pulled in some great kit, but above what I can use. As my current lvl16 gear is mainly maxed out, I could bump workshop up first and upgrade some of the level 17 epic and legendary items in waiting. It also solved my issue if having nothing to upgrade and no-one to train!

    Also makes sense not to train people, like Scouts and Assaults, as I couldn't use them in this challenge, due to low level weapons.

    Shooters, Hunters are fine for kit. Scouts would really suffer, as they have base lvl13 kit!

    I might do a few Farms and workshop to upgrade the better kit, max farms, and slow progress a bit to make use of better kit later
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    Doing it the same way as Do tak. Survivors are lvl15, but just upgraded my workshop so I can lvl those lvl16 weapons. And when I'm satified with the armor and weapons I have, I will upgrade my survivors to the next level.
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    Tip: I had enough tokens to unlock 3 different Heroes, but I didn't do so before I had ONE level 20 survivor, this way I had my level 20 team ready to scavenge and missions till I raised my crew. I did this at level 50.
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    Do the trinity ...from there you will realized when farming is needed.
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