Into the Woods -- Use Scouts

I had a quest where I needed to use three scouts, so I loaded up my scouts with the Threat Reduction trait weapons and decent armor and gave it a try. It was fantastic! I picked off the early walkers and saw the threat counter drop. By the time I got to the camp, the threat counter was at 0. I then took out the fatty with a couple of brain stabs, grabbed the loot and made my way to the exit. I had to only face 2 walkers on the way out. It was a piece of cake. I plan to use this team again at except for the burning walkers. I forgot how useful scouts could be in certain situations.


  • KaLiKaLi Member Posts: 426
    Great minds think alike and that's how I'm getting through RSL 26-28 walkers for that map :D

    You can also combo with Rufus hero trait because those extra scout charges will be very useful to control threat or Even Rositia for the extra boost of single damage for your scouts
  • bsgper4bsgper4 Member Posts: 309
    I've never seen threat reduction on any weapon unless it was un/common.
  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    Yeah, would have loved to try this with scouts or any melee team, but don't have any threat reducing weapons
  • Nightwolf1986Nightwolf1986 Member Posts: 46
    Threat reduction is a very good thread for crowd control. I had a gold weapon with 50% chance but now its useless cause it was a maxed lvl13 weapon, hero's are now lvl15
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