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I know there was a thread on it - , but it's quite old and close now.
So what is, in your opinions, the must-have traits that one should keep on his weapons/armors?
-Warrior wide arc 135°
-Scout swift strike 40% minimum
-Shooter high powered 2 cases move minimum
-Assault wide spread 47°
-Bruiser Concussion 30 % at least
- Hunter large calibre 0.5
For the armors part, stun avoid and dodge seems good but there's nothing I really want over the rest
(I might be wrong)
Anyone wants to add / complete this list, be my guest :)
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  • Nightwolf1986Nightwolf1986 Member Posts: 46
    For melee weapons I like Threat Reduction 50%

    For armor: Lucky if you have someone with (Bullet) Dodge and lucky its even beter
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    @AngieMatheson It really depends on purpose of that gear.
    Cannot speak for all, but personally:
    Armor traits:
    stun resist: useful for outpost defence and for missoins with fatties.
    wrestler: saves ur a** in struggle and can be really helpful in high lvl challenges(3 and more lvls above ur survs). Disadvantage is "only" one star from mission, if triggered.
    dodge: some say not working at all +5 lvls above ur survs. Not tested myself. In lower lvl challenges and in scavenge missions useful(but imo not necesarry)
    Iron skin:good one, allow ur survs take more hits before going to struggle/die
    buletproof: good for outpost defence and missions with freeman/saviours
    healt boost:extra HP, work more or less same as iron skin, (see here:

    It is better to go for good combination of traits, like iron skin/stun resist/wrestler for challenges ot buletproof/iron skin/stun resist for outpost defence/attack, but you have to find ur own way and proper piece with desired traits combo(or one with close to that)

    Wepon traits(not going to mention all of them):
    Each class have is own extra trait. Hunter-wide bore, shooter-high powered, assault-wide spread, warrior-wide arc, bruiser-concussion, scout-swift strike/thread reduction. You can find small exceptions like bruiser weapon with swift strike, but that one was obtainable from bundle only(or something like that, not really remember). These class traits are usually preffered, but again, depends on use. Some weapons works good even without those. Traits you might like on weapons(not going to mention class specific again) are:
    accurate: higher chance of critical attack
    destructive:higher critical dmg
    lethal:higher dmg
    piercing: less body-shots
    charging: can get 2 charge points instead of one
    luck:increase chance of triggering other chance dependant traits

    Again, you have to find out some good combination/s of traits working for you. My prefference for range weapons are spread-bore-high powered/lethal/piercing or lucky/accurate/destructive or mix of those, for melee swift strike-arc-concussion/lethal/lucky or two of those with charging or for certain purposes(outpost mainly) interrupt with 2 good traits can be an option too.

    Hope I dont forgot any important trait, if you want to "study" some more about traits, see
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    @Gladi WoW , thank you for that accuracy !
    My purpose was at first to try finishing the "church nightmare " episode, but lvl 24 freemen is really too high for my tactics.
    Lvl 58 has all legendary +pink survivors, I would have like to ask for your guild, mine has lower Lvls (but my loyalty prevail to my guys)
    I bet u get plenty of stars today ! Have fun !
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    Im trying episodes only when I have quest to do so, I completed all difficulties up to episode11 and rest is done on hard with few missions on nightmare. I have usually better use for my gas. And episode missoins are not going to vanish, so I can wait for better firepower to complete them.
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    Dodge is nice but it is negated by body-shots Critical hits, critical hit chance is higher when level difference is bigger.
    So depending on your level difference/pink stars, It will become useless when fighting walkers 4+ (or higher when you have pink stars on your survivor).

    Weapons, I think the silver bore is already pretty nice. Then you have 2 golden other traits like pierce, accurate, Lethal, Luck etc.
    I feel the same way about the wide range for assaults. Silver will do, when the gold traits are awesome.

    Destructive can be very interesting when you have a high critical chance. Otherwise maybe on hunter or shooter, they have a guaranteed critical hit when they are charged.

    Also, if you never play 4+ walkers, then pierce is near useless.
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    If you talk about which traits are good, NG will take them away.
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,417
    For Outpost - silver Skull / gold Luck / gold Swift Strike
    For Walkers - silver Luck / gold Threat Reduction / gold Skull

    silver Arc / gold Critical / gold Skull

    silver Skull / gold Luck / gold Stun

    silver Range / gold Pierce / gold Skull

    silver Caliber / gold Pierce / gold Skull

    silver Arc / gold Pierce / gold Skull

    There are some other good variations but these in sum would be near perfect weapons for each class.
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