***5000TG ... 3-star-pitchfork? in trading section

fire_waterfire_water Member Posts: 257
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has anyone got this one ? how is it ? good ?

Thank you in advace for info


  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
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    @fire_water Well, dmg of that weapon will be significantly lower compared to leg one, but its reach and possibility to kill up to 3 targets at once make it really useful. After 2 upgrades my guessing is more accurate, but it fits my previous expectations to be within 2,2-2,3k(we are speaking about lvl20 upgraded to lvl23, compared to 2,7k dmg of leg piece without lethal trait). So, for walkers, it is pretty fine, for outposts, brain stab will remove one bar of any defender.

    Edit: After fully upgraded, this one does 2388dmg(or so) on scout without strong. Not bad imo.
  • AnielAniel Member Posts: 96
    It's funny to see and use, plus it opens to several more strategies, a must have, even if traits are not the one I was looking for. But it's a pitchfork, they are suited to what it is.
  • TSDF_ArmyTSDF_Army Member Posts: 17
    I like it.
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