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    @David_H79 I would assume you would need a gas booster every day to push this hard. People who compete that hard don't like waiting on gas ;)
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    What is frustrating about Hilltop is the complete randomness of the starting position. Depending on where fatties and armor start determines how many stars I can get. Since two of the escape routes from starting position our blind, you can win or lose depending on whether or not you guess correctly.

    You can your survivors to guess where they are. Try and move you survivors in the area.
    1 - If it comes up red you are running past a walker.
    2 - If there are any areas that you should be able to go, but it won't let you, then there is a walker standing there.
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    @blynknz That makes so much sense now that you mention it. Thanks for the tip.
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    Someone can confirm that start challenge at rsl 15 is for next update when we can upgrate our council ?
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    Thank you very much for your reply, @Shteevie . Sorry for my belated thanks (I was traveling).

    Yes ... It was what I imagined, and yes, I found it with enough sense, even when we know that common sense is the least common of the senses ... XD (Sorry, literal Spanish bad joke).

    This randomness may create an small controversy between players (as I could see on posterior posts), but once we know it is not an bug, because it is programmed so,it is more than ok for me and for my Guild lider (he was who realised this).
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    Can we get a hospital make over soon. Or sell a hospital 5sec healing or reduced time in the shop. This 2 hour and 15 minute wait is ridiculous. All that time to upgrade it and the supplies spent to have such a long wait is so bothersome. The cost to is insane. I buy the gold at $19.99 @ 2500 gold about once a week. That's 33 extra attempts at three fighters a play on missions like this; which takes several attempts to beat it. This also is all for one star to advance to the next round. This gold saves me 74 hours of waiting.
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    Haha, @Shteevie still have a few 4 walker outposts out there. I support your decision to abandon trying to fix this, it never was much of an issue in the first place.
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    it's time to open a discussion about 2.5 ...
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    it's time to open a discussion about 2.5 ...

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    Shteevie said:

    The results of each of the three new crate types is random, and is not in relation to the number of stars earned when the crate was awarded.

    We did this intentionally, because players should always feel like their next crate could be really great for them. We don't want to make people think that only the 1k+ crates are good and therefore a player shouldn't bother with the Challenge unless they are willing to get that far. Please remember that these crates are in addition to the increased and more regular TG awards. So even though the crates get a lot of attention, they are not the only reward you are receiving for all of your game play.

    I hope thins makes sense. Thanks, as always, for the feedback.

    .... but eventually never will....
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