Shoot it out challenge.

Any suggestion in what survivors should I use on low level and high level for Shoot Out Challenge. Please help.

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  • WalkerballzWalkerballz Member Posts: 1,896
    The last man standing??

    Hope this helps
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  • kittycatkittycat Member Posts: 75
    Thanks for trying to help Walker but this is the wrong mission. I was talking about this weeks Challenge called shoot out.. I wanted to see if I can get some info on what survivors I should use for the low and high level of each room. Thanks again.
  • kittycatkittycat Member Posts: 75
    Thank you Area83 for answer to my question.
  • LarrySDSULarrySDSU Member Posts: 18
    > @Walkerballz said:
    > The last man standing??
    > Hope this helps
  • LarrySDSULarrySDSU Member Posts: 18
    Yes, it is extremely helpful. Thanks so much!
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