Wrestling trait overpowered



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    I have seen my gold wrestling not happen on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd turn many times so can confirm it doesn't work 100% of the time

    I have already mention something similar to this in the LLS thread..

    This is a difficult discussion and unfortunate situation why it has to come to this.

    They already nerf silencer, interrupt, luck, and dodge which suck for many of us who invested our builds around that in the past.

    Now that we have moved beyond and past that; most of my jackets have wrestler and I hate to repeat this because I'm paranoid about more nerfs...is to please just don't nerf that because I already invested millions of xp and hours of time within the last half of the year scavengering these jackets.

    NG have already sold many jackets and bundles with the wrestler trait and it will be very disappointing if they take this approach of more nerfing.

    Why introduce this buff in the 1st place to only nerf it back down?

    Let's say they nerf this, then like @LostOnes said tomorrow we will have players moving on to the next topic and how it's unfair for assault stun to work on any walker level so let's nerf that just like interrupt to only work when no body shots.

    We should focus more about adding more to the game instead of wasting our time and efforts about taking things away from it.
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    @capibara hook me up lol
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    Maybe issue is related to should wrestle result in killing a level 30 walker ? Or perhaps may be better to allow you to escape their grasp and maybe do and amount of damage to them maybe say 50% of their hp. And the chance to run away then ?
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    All this love for spiked walkers? Don't we already have enough millstones around the necks of our melee toons with dodge/interrupt nerf, bruiser nerf, concussion nerf, warrior charge weakness, tanks and burners? Lol, you folks.
    So on topic then, +1 to we don't need more nerfs unless the goal is a game of flavorless grey soup where no choice matters.
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    The trait is fine......using it on a Level 6 Survivor to insta-kill a L25+ Walker is the problem. There's a curve where I struggle to get 1 star and move on (admittedly my gear is trash). This curve is going to be different for everyone, however one thing should remain the same - "hospital time"....the price that's paid in time or gold to keep going.

    That price is eliminated when you just stack LLS / Wrestler and go. THAT's the problem. It isn't about the traits. It isn't about the strategy.

    it's about the avoidance of Risk vs Reward.

    Level Cap the Wrestler Trait to +10 of the Survivor's Level. That way if someone wants to take L20 Survivors and max out against L30 Walkers using Wrestling Trait tactics - nobody is stopping you from doing it. Doing this also doesn't affect the 99% (me) who don't give a rat's ass about the Leaderboards. Because it's not the strategy that's the problem. It's the avoidance of time/gold (the risk factor) that makes it a seriously unbalanced aspect of the game.

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    You nailed it @Jester_CGF
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    i should add.. im not sure ive ever not had my silver wrestler trait not activate either and kill the walker.. although sometimes does take 1 turn. just not sure any trait should allow you to kill walkers with 10,000 + hp ... just allowing you to escape their grasp and run would still make wrestler so much more useful than it was before the change. conversely i dont think bullet proof is (after those lovely freeman last week) is as effective a trait as it could be.. but id be amazed if @Shteevie and team havent already got all this in their minds and future plans for balancing. and whatever is mentioned here wont convince them either way ;)
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    That's $122 in gold in one week. That's buku bucks.

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    Keep this thread civil and on the rails or we'll remove it. Thanks.

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    Oh my god.... some people really need to get over themselves. There will always be a better player than you.

    You can never always be the best player, even if you think you are.

    The player that I watched the most the last challenge, that was conveniently excluded from your so called elite player list is @Stelio

    A true winner doesn't need to brag about themselves, the people will see it for themselves.

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    > @tdiddy said:
    > Full disclosure i spent 17000 gold last challenge trying to compete with the top people and still got my ass kicked... with 9/10/11 survivor its 15 gold per attempt and since i have no skill i fail many times. However i enjoy trying to compete with the big dogs its what fun there is left in this game. Take away wrestling and LLS and the tops will strategize another way because of there dedication. Me though it would be time to walk away as each nerf slowly drains the fun out of the game.
    > **Remainder Removed by Moderator**
    > Please follow the rules, this is a forum that welcomes everyone.

    Just out of curiosity, which guild do you play/played for?
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    My point was that for lvl 58 its not free to use strategy... i am in dtp, however i am my own person. My statements here should in no way reflect on dtp. Where is stu?
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    Btw @zbot can we close off this tired thread already...know how you hate threads that have been necro'd

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    @JayZ Could not agree more
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