Make Leaderboards fair again

There are two threads about LLS and wrestler trait. I think the main concern from these two are the leaderboards. I can't imagine another reason, where people care about star counts from others.
So I start a new thread about this topic.

As a good example I want to take the last challenge with hunter bonus.
I am mainly FTP. So the last challenge I cleared all stages of 26/2 and earned 1071 stars (with 6 gas refills with hard earned gold) ;)
This wasn't the point where I can't earn any more stars. It was the point where no more gas and time left.

With Challenge 2.0 you are not limited to your survivors, gear and tactics. The main limiting factor is the time and money you are willing to invest.
So all FTP player are in the near future no longer able to stay in the Leaderboards.
I understand and welcome the fact that with challenge 2.0 low and midlevel player are able to participate longer in the challenge.
But there is a problem for high level FTP player who have hardly fought for their rank in the leaderboards.


  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    @David_H79 , pls dont mistake my two threads as whining about not being on top of the 'magical leaderboard'. I dont care.
    I do care about a balanced, challenging and interesting game.
    I fully agree with you that the current formats requires the purchase of at least one gas booster to even have a chance to compete with the top players. For now, I do purchase max 1 gas booster and see where that lands me.
    Yes, ppl purchasing multiple gas booster should have an advantage, but it shouldn't directly translate into starz. I think we can easily agree on that.

    Also, I have been asking for months to wipe the leaderboards and start from scratch, give us a lvl playing field to compete with ea other,
    since that is what the words 'leaderboard' and 'challenge' suggest.
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    @Putchuco sorry if I misintrepeted your threads. I don't wanted to blame you or anyone else.
  • GebobsGebobs Member Posts: 428
    Let's be clear. The end game for NG is to make money. The leader board is one way to motivate people to contribute to their bottom line. I for one rarely contribute. I don't really feel like spending half my waking hours playing this silly game anyway. No leader board for me. Don't care.
  • DaleDale Member Posts: 1,122
    David_H79 said:

    With Challenge 2.0 you are not limited to your survivors, gear and tactics. The main limiting factor is the time and money you are willing to invest.

    That's why they changed it, don't ya think?

  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,391
    Again? :lol:
  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,430
    Totally agree keep the all time star leaderboard people on it have worked hard (and some apparently took advantage of a couple exploits)from early on to get on it and stay on it. but bring in a weekly leaderboard like the guild one some weeks i may even be able to scrape in the top50 lol. Either way it will motivate me to push harder
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  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    NCDawgFan said:

    What I have suggested on multiple occasions is to have NG add a weekly individual leaderboard in the same format as the new guild leaderboard, to the existing historical leaderboard. This would maintain the integrity of the current individual scores, and allow the rest of us to see just how well we faired against other players every challenge.

    I'm really surprised this doesn't exist yet. I always assumed it did but never bothered to look at leaderboards until I starting playing challenge v2.0 a few weeks ago. A weekly leaderboard would be a lot more interesting to me than the all-time leaderboard. I can't imagine it would be that difficult to implement from a programming perspective, but maybe I'm wrong.
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    Let me just put in here, resenting NG for charging for aspects of the game...bleh. resenting people for spending money...bleh. It's better here than elsewhere so I stay. I don't spend money, but I'll watch the occasional video (which I find repellent) to support NG. From back in the freeware days I support software I use. If you can't make a break from it, seek help in addiction counselling. Don't hang out and complain.
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