Skin The Forum ... (and never worry about your boss yelling at you again)

  • Ever get in trouble because someone caught you at work reading the forum?
  • Do the big, bold faces of Rick and Negan staring at you day-after-day haunt your dreams?
  • Have a shared computer and don't want your SO to know you're jailed?

Stop worrying!

There's a Chrome extension called "Stylish" which allows you to modify webpage displays on your local device. Install it and find my skin HERE.

The code REMOVES ALL JAIL PROFILE OVERLAYS, so pretty faces continue to show, the HEADER IMAGES ARE MINIMIZED, and the background is replaced with a slick CARBON FIBRE PATTERN

I enjoy playing with CSS and skinning webpages (to some degree) -- my work tools are boring and ugly and I do what I can to not have to look at them. I figured, why not share the love a bit?! To my fellow techies :: please have some fun with it and make it even more awesome :)


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