New Weekly Challenge: The Terminus

I wonder if they're going to make a weekly challenge out of every episode?
Will we be opening containers of zombies for the challenge?!
Are the challenge missions going to resemble the story missions at all?
Will the maps be totally new???


  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    Several maps are inspired by the show!!! One re-use for long road to terminus.

    For those of you curious what the maps look like I livestreamed on twitch and exported to YT.
    I'll do a level 10 runthrough video for each once I get there. Probably tomorrow.
    Also, got hit on The Laundry while farming, and it showed that gas cost still doesn't increase, so you can still earn an extra star or two by 2 starring each map on the first runthrough.

    The Laundry: From the show! Where the Terminus people are executing humans for food by slitting their throats into a metal trough.
    Packed with Zombies. However, additional zombies only come from the start making it a really easy farm and suitable for a group where everyone's holding a gun.
    2 hunters and an assault are ideal for low-levels.
    2 hunters and a shooter later.
    hunter, shooter, and warrior would be my choice for later game when things have more health.

    Containing the Dead: Super easy container mission. Bottom right, then counter clockwise. Reminisce of the show, but I don't think terminus kept zombies in containers, only people.
    No additional zombies from gunfire, 2-3 zombies spawn in total from the crates each turn.
    2 hunters and an assault are ideal for low-levels.
    2 hunters and a shooter later.

    Terminal Gate: New map. Great for farming!!! 2 dead body piles and high level zombies only come from the left portion of the map.
    Move forward as fast as possible to start unlocking the gate. Then farm straight up the middle.
    2 hunters and an assault are ideal for low-levels.
    2 hunters and a shooter when getting on in difficulty.
    2 hunters and a warrior for higher levels.

    Long Road to Terminus: Recycled map from the storyline. Don't step on the zombie piles or more zombies spawn. AMAZING for farming.
    Again, move forward as fast as possible and unlock the gate. There is a zombie pile right next to you at the start.
    2 hunters and an assault are ideal for low-levels. The assault really comes in handy at the gate.
    2 hunters and a shooter later.

    The Cannibals: This map is so easy it must be broken.
    I feel like you shouldn't be able to move through the obstacles. The obstacles seem to be randomized.
    No additional zombie spawning.
    2 hunters and an assault are ideal for low-levels.
    2 hunters and a shooter later.

    Never Trust: From the show! The Candle room. It's big and there are a LOT of zombies. Regular, Armored, and Tanks.
    Additional zombies spawn at the start of the map, the north side of the candle room, and in the north doorway in the exit room.
    2 hunters and an assault are ideal for low-levels... Again.
    2 hunters and a warrior later.
  • charlesjusungcharlesjusung Member Posts: 1
    Wow the terminus challenges are quite hard, the walkers seems endless and keep coming.
  • NieGoleBobraNieGoleBobra Member Posts: 27
    edited November 2015
    Amazing work mate. Well done. Thank you
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    not sure why the laundry map export failed, here it is again.
  • TK-421TK-421 Member Posts: 416
    This is awesome!
  • AzrulAzrul Member Posts: 48
    Nice work, as ever.
    I find the maps fairly easy for now. I've only been round the challenges 4 times so I'm sure I will get nasty when the big walkers pick up in health. Good fun so far
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    Each map at level 11/12 vs mostly level 10 survivors:

    The Laundry

    Containing the Dead

    Terminal Gate (long)

    Long Road to Terminus

    The Cannibals

    Never Trust

  • jureforjusticejureforjustice Member Posts: 270
    Great vids as always! AWESOME WORK @zoson!!
  • dhusagardhusagar Member Posts: 36
    Any tips for level 17? Can't get beyond 40 stars :/
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