Gold expenditure = Not what advertised (Survivor Heal)

Tough_VikingTough_Viking Member Posts: 33
edited February 2017 in Bug Reports
This is occurring only directly from the "Survivor" page, not while at the hospital.

A survivor was marked at a Cost of 17 at the hospital for a heal.
When I opened the Survivor page, this survivor was listed at a Cost of 1 to fully heal.
I clicked the 1 gold to heal, I was charged 17.

I was expecting that to happen but would have been really POed if I hadn't been suspicious from the get go.


  • Tough_VikingTough_Viking Member Posts: 33
    Needless to say, this has only occurred once. I've been trying to recreate the conditions to take screenshots, but have not had this glitch happen again.
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