Only two outpost defenders?

sborgsborg Member Posts: 549
Found an outpost that only has two defenders and 4 walkers. Is this a bug? Not complaining, just wondering. I didn't get the screenshot that shows the defenders and their respective levels, but there were only two. I do have a screenshot (below) that shows two dead defenders and the raid status of Complete.



  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    I believe this happens because NG has made small changes to the map layouts over time, moving walls or obstacles, etc So someone's defender goes missing because an obstacle is now where they were standing. Can be fixed if people go into their outpost and update the location of their defenders, but I suspect most don't edit their outpost and probably have no idea they only have 2 defenders in play.

    If they paid attention to their log, though, they should notice that they lost influence to someone despite not having all 3 defenders killed, as shown in your pic above.

    Once, I only found 1 defender!

  • bigbeanobigbeano Member Posts: 601
    I ran into the 2 defender scenario a few times in the past,can't say I've visited the outhouse @ DoTak ventured into though,LOL..
  • TWDSkutterTWDSkutter Member Posts: 160
    Pretty sure a while back I didn't get influence from killing the only 2 defenders ... maybe was a bug/exploit back then but in the couple of times I have seen it lately the 2 kills gives you the win.

    Btw the "only 4 walkers" is a tactic used by a few players to stop attacker charging weapons on way in. I don't think u can delete ordinary walkers (you can remove armoured/tanks) so it has to be set up with the (minimum) of 4 to start with.
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  • general2673general2673 Member Posts: 39
    Those most likely did not care enough to put people on their outpost.
    fear those whom are conquered for they are they are a most deadly enemy - hidden in plain sight
  • general2673general2673 Member Posts: 39
    fear those whom are conquered for they are they are a most deadly enemy - hidden in plain sight
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