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I tried to sum up all that I know about criticals atm (which can be incorrect in parts or as a whole):
1) Bodyshot is calculated first - if there's a bodyshot, no critical is possible
2) The critical chance must depend on a few factors, like:
a) Lvl difference of the two units - is there a formula to calculate critical chance?
b) Being stunned or not (<- I used to "know" attacks against stunned targets are 100% critical, but it doesn't seem to work. More critical for sure, but not 100%)
c) Anything else? Eg. being in cover?
3) Is there a base critical chance? Is it the same for all survivor classes or are there differences?
4) How does "more critical" work? Let's say I have a critical chance of like 20% and an increased critical about 20%. What are my actual chances? 20+20=40% or 20 * 1.2 = 24%?
5) Can armor piercing and critical work the same time? Let's say I'm shooting at a +4 lvl walker: guaranteed bodyshot, but armor piercing saves me. Can that shot be critical?


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    To answer #3 and #4:

    Base critical chance is around 25%, I believe.

    Critical chances stack on top of each other. For example, if you get 40% from Sure Shot and 15% from a weapon, you'll have 40% + 15% + 25% base critical = 90%. If you have 20% Lucky, it'll be 90% * 1.2, which gets you to 100%.
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    szgerg77 said:

    I tried to sum up all that I know

    1, I believe the criticals from charge attacks (hunter, shooter) ignore body-shots. As in, they are an exception on that rule.

    2, only stunned by bruiser garantees criticals, not stunned by assault.

    3, there is, but all I know is: warrior has 30% base critical against same lvl walkers. I've tested this.

    4, the way it is worded isn't that ambiguous mostly. 30% more critical chance heavily suggests +30%.

    5, a big fat yes.


  • jamminjammin Member Posts: 55
    Chance for body shot seems to take precedence over chance of critical. At higher RSL +4 and above, body shots become much more common. You can't CRIT if you body shot, but piercing reduces body shots and thus restores some chance of CRIT.
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