many repeats in maps



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    Juanlo said:

    Why did they include "getting burnt" in a challenge named "the heavies"? That map has no heavies at all!

    In S.W.A.T. there are also no heavies...I guess it means "the specials" ;)
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    Every episode from this challenge have appeared before...
    • Getting Burnt and Double Trouble were in Dim Forest just a few weeks ago.
    • Armored Compound was in (I think) Fight It Out three weeks ago.
    • SWAT and BBQ were in Ghost Town four weeks ago.
    • Not sure when we last saw Road Runner, but you know we done it at least a few times.
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    This ain't no Forum Competition @Jaden. ;)

    In all seriousness, feedback noted and passed on. Thanks guys.
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    Yeah, I already thought I might get neither badge nor phones for that one. @Teeceezy :D
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    Send your photos to @Teeceezy and you'll get your brand new shiny badge. Just choose one pose, you want facing left, right, up or down :smirk:
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    Has slaughterhouse not something in that we had already?
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    > @JackBauer said:
    > Has slaughterhouse not something in that we had already?

    Yeah, we played this boring maps over and over in the last couple weeks, i don't get it why we get the slaughterhouse now again.

    I also don't know why to play it, again i know already before the challenge starts that 6/6 will stop me at RSL 26 again. What a mood-killer....
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    Ah "somebody" exchanged the Challange to "Ka-boom!" :D
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    Just popped in game to check on this...

    It'll only be the 2nd time I've played Kaboom challenge, so that'll be fun.. I spent last night watching Slaughterhouse vids to prep though

    I'd love to see more variety in challenges. I've played a lot of maps over again, but have not seen some others at all! The one with the garden boxes for example, or the one with the containers.
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    spread the ka-boum love ...and never say again your voice is not heard in this forum ;-)
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