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I think these forums are great and have read lots of info but when read about traits for survivors and weapons I get completely lost and lose the will to live (wish my walkers did the same). A soon as I stop reading I cannot remember which is best and cannot remember what the symbols mean.
I list below my survivors and their traits so will completely understand if you find you have lost the plot.
I am currently at level 40 and am upgrading survivors to L17 so there is still work in progress. Here goes:

Lv17 Rufus 3* - Gold squirrel courage, silver bullet dodge sure shot - 5* weapon
Lv16 Donna 3* Silver bullet dodge/marksman/vigilant - 3* weapon

Lv16 Joel 4* - Silver vigilant/retaliate/lucky/defensive stance - 5* weapon
Lv16 Glen 3* Gold lucky dumpster/ and silver lucky and dodge - 5* weapon

Lv17 Alex 4* Silver dodge/power strike/realiate/lucky 4* weapon
Lv17 Jesus 2* Hand to hand Gold/ and silver power strike 3* weapon
Lv16 Corey 3* Silver bullet dodge/dodge/vigilant 3+ weapon

Lv17 Marvin 3* Silver vigilant/lucky/power strike 5* weapon
Lv16 Negan Gold survival instinct and silver retaliate and strong - 5* weapon
Lv15 Julia 4* Silver defensive stance/vigilant/power strike/lucky 5* weapon

Lv17 Daryl 4* Gold silent shot / Silver marksman/retaliate and dodge 5* weapon
Lv17 Jessica 4* Silver sure shot/defensive stance/iron skin/marksman 5* weapon
Lv17 Diana 4* Silver dodge/marksman/iron skin/lucky 4* weapon
Lv16 Christopher 3* Silver defiant stance/sure shot/marksman 3* weapon

Lv17 Oscar 4* Silver Dodge/defiant stance/lucky/vigilant 5* weapon
Lv16 Tara 2* Gold healing charge Silver marksman 48 weapon
Lv14 Phyllis 3* Silver bullet dodge/dodge/sure shot 5* weapon (just acquired Phyllis so don't know if I should keep and upgrade

Also not sure about Negan/Tara as not keen on either as they haven't been much help

I just want some help if any of the above are any good or should I bin any. I haven't listed weapon traits but can do this if required.

If anyone reads this I hope you haven't taken a weapon to yourself



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    I never upgrade a survivor under 4 stars. I want to see 4 decent traits and I'll gamble on a fifth. So some of your rares (like Phyllis the shooter) have decent traits, but I personally wouldn't put tokens into them.

    Then again, I already had good epics and legendaries in all classes when tokens were introduced. You may want to get some of your 3 stars up to 4 or 5 just to have effective fighters while you're waiting for better ones. And who knows, maybe a rare will unlock two good traits.

    Diana your hunter is worth taking to legendary to see what she unlocks. Alex the warrior looks to be worth upgrading too.

    I would keep looking for shooters, scouts, assaults and bruisers. If I had to upgrade in those classes, it would be Phyllis the shooter and Donna the Assault, but I can't really pick a scout or bruiser; I don't like any of their traits.

    You might as well upgrade heroes when you have the chance, since you can't do anything else with their tokens.
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    Thanks for the info.Personally I like hunters best and Alex my warrior. I really need to know the best traits for survivors and weapons.
    Another question.
    As my team are at present are there any I cd use to complete mission 4 ch 4 the corral. I have used hunters and shooter but it says lvl 18 survivors required and I have done missions under the suggested level before but the raiders in this mission defeat me. Or should I wait and upgrade to higher levels.
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    Oh, man. I can't remember the story missions. Someone else can help with that I'm sure. Try searching youtube for it, because someone from around here has probably done a walkthrough.

    But given how strong human enemies are, it might be hard to take them on at level 18 required if you've got mostly 16-17 survivors. Level up Diana for it, that should help. With story missions, if I ran into one I have trouble with, I just do it once in a while with my last few gas. That way if I get hurt I can heal until the next time I play. If you're really, really stuck, just leave it and do scavenge missions until you can upgrade your buildings.

    For traits I'm a big fan of lucky, dodge, and bullet dodge for any survivor. I need those three. Some players have big rosters and they can specialise their survivors enough that they don't care about having bullet dodge on everyone. But my survivors tend to be all-rounders and I like those three on everyone: lucky, dodge, bullet dodge.

    On melee survivors I need retaliate as well. After that, I love iron skin and things like strong or marksman--reducing the damage I take and increases the damage I do.

    I don't care for defensive stance, so a survivor needs really good traits for the other four if I'm going to keep one with defensive stance. Even then, I'd upgrade to legendary but stop there. It's got to be five good traits for me to go for pink stars.
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    "I’ve never said I’m a perfect pig, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not."
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    Thanks will bear this in mind.
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    Try this website. It has everything on all the traits, which is what you should base the survivors you keep on.
    Good luck, dumbass
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