Story mission it beatable?



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    exit game and restart, then u can make ur turn
  • t777jbt777jb Member Posts: 28
    Took about 15 tries in hard mode but getting Rick and Michone by car door and letting walkers and fatty go for freeman scout and then moving across the bottom of the screen did work finally. First trial with my guys was a joke it was so easy. The scout never came out on this one.
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    The first Freeman should not have been a bruiser. One of your two will lose an action if they aren't lucky enough to dodge. This one is truly far harder than it should be. Glad that some of you are figuring it out, but there are others who won't be able to, and others who will keep trying to find ways but will get bugged or have some truly BS action that kills them.
  • kampionkampion Member Posts: 76

    exit game and restart, then u can make ur turn

    i did it!
    just the 2nd try with Rick and Michonne was successful! :smile:
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    I think if one you doge one attack from the first freeman then you got a good chance of completing the mission.
    My Michonne dodged the 2nd attack which is why I probably was able to complete it in my first try.
    Gonna try the Trial now
  • numennumen Member Posts: 32
    I managed to get through this by hiding on the right side of the truck. Somehow a walker started a struggle with the third baddie and I walked out past them.

    Also, I got lucky with two crits from rick's double-shot.
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    If you run into the glitch where your turn doesnt end. Close out the game and restart it. It will fix it
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    Completely ridiculous!
  • stoneheartstoneheart Member Posts: 62
    The fact that the difficulty is so bad is one thing, but the fact that it feels like the devs haven't even bothered to test it before releasing it. On top of that they release so called "survivor bundles" costing £20 a piece for a product that isn't even fit for purpose is feeling like the devs only want your money and don't care if the product is a good one at all. I've managed to complete the Rick & Michonne trials plus two trial missions but each one was by the skin of my teeth. Ridiculous. Slowly starting to resent this game more and more each day.
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    Holy crap...took about a dozen tries but I finally made it through the Hard. Now onto the trials. Yikes!
  • srmcn1031srmcn1031 Member Posts: 565
    Used the fattie to take care of the freeman. And just made a run for it.

    In the second one is definitely some BS, I used my assault to stun the bruiser (he was stunned cause you can still see the stars above his head), but then he runs up to my hunter and tries to hit her luckily she dodged but if a freeman is stunned HE SHOULDN'T MOVE let alone attack.
  • xxarea83xxxxarea83xx Member Posts: 221
    Bruiser and Warrior are still working wonders for me thru trial 3. I recommend no less than silver concussion for bruiser and silver arc for warrior.
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    How does Interrupt/piercing work when dealing with Freeman? My plan is to take a Shooter and Scout (both with Gold Interrupt and Shooter has Piercing), both 7* level 23 with all legendary gear lvl23 (and 75% stun resist + luck). Will it work if I blast the bruiser and use my Scout to interrupt? Has so far worked on Trials 2&3, but I'm worried once I get to RSL 21/22 I will body shot on Interrupt attempts. Can anyone explain?
  • misfit44misfit44 Member Posts: 484
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    i passed it using a strategy not using that much luck. Shoot the first bruiser and leave michonne to overwatch hit , she will probably stay stunned the entire time so you have to finish the first bruiser with rick...when he dies the zombies will probably be spawning that turn , hide in the bottom left and by your spawn until you take out the zombies with overwatching and or two of the zombies will attack the second bruiser because he will move forward , while hes distracted you attack him and leave rick in the position to get hit by him instead of michonne , finish him with michonne...when you get the truck door make sure you can hide behind the door with the other survivor , while you are tucked in the top right corner the scout that spawns will be distracted with the big walker and you can run underneath all of them to the exit....i only dodged once and rick/michonne both finished in the green....timing zombie spawns in conjunction with attacking the freemen is important, especially with the scout.
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    I don't understand. It's not the easier but i'm 2 games from the end and almost never get injuried.. :|
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    Nobody touched me on hard mode! ;)
  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066

    Can anyone explain?

    I used a shooter and Abraham with interupt. Shooter tickles the freeman bruiser and then he will be interupted by so far on level 4/5 :blush:
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,375
    @General_Quatre Melee interrupt will F up the freemen.

    Melee body shots only occur at +3 RSL. So if you have a level 20 Scout facing a level 22 Bruiser, you'll have guaranteed interrupt (because it won't be body shots, and they can't dodge).

    My only suggestion is to bring a Hunter or Assault with you. You might need some help with crowd control at higher levels of the trials, and those two classes are more effective at doing so than Shooters.
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,375
    Very nice @Tapatio75! Looks like the perfect set of traits for an Outpost raider or defender.
  • TXbossTXboss Member Posts: 36
    How to beat Episode 12 on Hard

    1. Hit the first Freeman bruiser with both heroes (if you don't get a dodge when the Freeman fights back, you may lose. Don't worry, they're not your heroes so no hospital time, and it costs one gas)
    2. Run to the top left corner to block the spawning walkers and avoid attracting the 2nd Freeman
    3. Charge up Rick by killing walkers
    4. Kill second Freeman bruiser from range
    5. Open car door but hide both heroes top right
    6. Kill the walkers that come for you and recharge Rick
    7. The fattie may go for the last Freeman, in which case you can walk on by unscathed, even if it doesn't you're charged up and can take down the Freeman from range

    Trial not so bad so far - I'm using Dwight for enhanced Freeman damage and bruiser to stun.
  • zdog57zdog57 Member Posts: 2
    There is a bug in the way saviors health is calculated making their health twice what is initially displayed. Example Bruiser health starts at 543. Rick shoots 353 damage. Bruiser displayed health now 190. Nichole attacks for 189. Bruiser health now jumps to 489. Michome attacks 285, Bruiser now 150, Michome attacks 295, Bruiser now dead.
  • stoneheartstoneheart Member Posts: 62
    How to beat episode 12 on any difficulty:

    Delete the app LOLz only joking, it will still haunt you in your sleep...
  • ZenicaZenica Member Posts: 7
    zdog57 said:

    There is a bug in the way saviors health is calculated making their health twice what is initially displayed. Example Bruiser health starts at 543. Rick shoots 353 damage. Bruiser displayed health now 190. Nichole attacks for 189. Bruiser health now jumps to 489. Michome attacks 285, Bruiser now 150, Michome attacks 295, Bruiser now dead.

    This is being done the same as when you do Outpost attacks and is by design, I suspect.
    The issue with these Freemen is their health and attack level vs that of the hero players we're given. It is not balanced and if I've learned anything from games like this, the game developer is supposed to strike a balance between the show and game play enjoyment. I don't feel that is being done with this mission.

    I did beat it but it wasn't fun, it was more like resentful defiance for the gluteus maximus sphincter that created this mission.
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    if you need visual help on how I did it I just posted it on my channel, can even be easier if you dodge some of the attacks which my guys didn't do much lol

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    Wow, they deleted my post about not spending any more $ on this game.
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    Here's my strategy.

    For 1st Raider: Move Rick to toward the top of the screen, and shoot the 1st raider. Then move Michone in for her first slice. The Raider will attack Michone. If you're lucky she'll dodge, but most likely you'll be stunned. Keep poping shots with Rick unitl the 1st Raider is dead.

    For 2nd Raider: Make sure Rick and Michone are at the top of the map. Do not attack the 2nd raider until the walkers spawn. Since the majority of the walkers appear at the bottom of the screen, the 2nd raider will eventually attack one of the walkers. He should remain distracted stunning the walker(s). During this time charge up your special attacks and take out the 2nd raider once your fully charged.

    3rd Raider: If you position one of your characters to the right of the 2nd tree (tree closest to the car), and the other opens the door, the 3rd raider most likely will not appear :)

    From there just take your time and don't get killed. I've tested this 3 times in a row with success. Hope it works for you.
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,481
    So easy using this strategy

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