Story mission it beatable?



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    Probably making a video!

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    clearly you just got impossible!!
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    @painclasher The one trick I missed in my attempt was attacking with Michone first so that Rick's trait kicked in when he makes his first attack. What usually happened to me was I needed three hits to get the first freemen to red and then two to kill. With that strategy of attacking with Michone first, Ricks attack will get the freemen to red and then two to kill meaning Michone is most likely not bleeding after killing the first guy.

    The next trick is not to rush the 2nd guy but retreat back to the start and let him come to you at which point the spawn will have shown up and will help to distract the freemen enough to either weaken him or let you fully charge your survivors so you can take him out in one attack.

    You need a good RNG result, i.e., luck, but given the number of times the RNG is used, your're bound to get a couple to go your way.

    Now that I'm using my own survivors with interrupt, the freemen never even get to swing at my survivors and the mission is laughably easy.
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    seriously man its a game and a fun one at that so why are some people being all nasty with their smart comments like they know everything...I appreciate everyone's input and strategy.
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    @Marcus6253 Great you realised that. Glad my videos helped.

    @darthvictor I know right! ;)

    Probably making a video!

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    Really? Only have a pathetic level 10 rick an marhon? It is impossible to do the second one. It takes 5 - 6 attacks to beat 1 walker. BS.
    KaLiPain WalkerZenica
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    Not impossible. Took me 3 tries. Follow tips in Painclasher's vid and you'll be golden
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    You have to economize the hits you take to maximize the amount of hits possible to withstand. I let Michonne take the hits from the first guy, Rick take the hits from the second guy, let the wave come to get your charge attacks off of the walkers, then whoever has more health left fights the scout using the charge attack. Then just run to the end.
    Got it second try.
    Good luck, dumbass
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    On my second account I´m stuck in 3/5 with level 10 chance without more training :neutral:
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    @Invader why don't you just bring a Bruiser? Should be easy with a Bruiser and Hunter. Also, training doesn't help you because the missions will scale up to your survivor levels anyways. Gear and strategy will help.
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    JayZ said:

    @Invader why don't you just bring a Bruiser? Should be easy with a Bruiser and Hunter. Also, training doesn't help you because the missions will scale up to your survivor levels anyways. Gear and strategy will help.

    I tried with a legendary bruiser on my main account without success and on my second account my best bruiser is still level 8...I´ll give it a try tomorrow ;)
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    I only had trouble on the 2nd preliminary round , every other round i made it through with no injury...personally i found a bruiser scout combo just crushed it with out to much strategy and no need of luck...although to be fair i have gold interrupt on both of my survivors but i believe it would still have been easily doable without interrupt.
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    That was a good game :) I loved it !
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    Yes it was. Got injury/bruise everytime, but finish all trial in 1 attempt, Last Man Standing was more harder for me :#
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    Man, sometimes NG is a real **** ******. Why are my level 18 survivors not getting their traits used against 20-21 leveled enemies? I've cracked both the human opponents and walkers with bruisers and despite getting a hit the stun doesn't take hold every 4-5 hits.

    This game has so many nerfs and unexplained happeningns/rules in it that I can only imagine how frustrated people who play the game and don't come to this board must feel.

    On the final mission for the episode I can't do anything. If I don't move I still get the walkers coming directly for me and never the 2nd human opponent. Even if the human opponent goes after a walker he kills it before it does a single point of damage meanwhile I'm literally dying while walkers did regard my stun hits and refuse to go down. And I spent 40$ yesterday like the idiot I am because I really want Michonne and after getting a 128 and 10 token Michonne I got nothing but green and no color survivors which is probably one of the most frustrating things about this game.

    This mission feels like it's got an AI Director who's determined to make it near impossible to beat, even if that means blatant cheating.
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    Easily beatable, use the walkers to your advantage. Take down the freemen once they have engaged walkers, those walkers eat and you get to the safety zone.
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    It was challenging, not impossible

    Guess this map really separates the pros from the amateurs!

    Which side are you on???
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    Took two attempts to complete hard mode, so far on 3 of 5 using my own suriviors without taking damage, using Carol and a legendary shooter. So far pretty straight forward but having top end gear really helps.
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    My bruiser hasn't failed a stun yet, but maybe some of these freemen have figured out how to upgrade their gear and unlock stun resistance.

    Don't think it's possible? You'll notice in my pic below these 'free'men are actually 'pay'men because they bought the Governor bundle with the golf club

    Methinks the game AI has become sentient and no longer under NGs control :D

    (sorry, bad angle on pic, hard to capture when the guy is jiggling around)

    @Teeceezy You should check your credit card activity for suspicious transactions ;)
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    I created an account just to confirm what a few other people people posted. For me, I had no trouble until I got to the final challenge. Tons of cussing and gold spent hospital bills to keep fighting. In the end, an all bruser team stormed through on my first try and I got the 15 radios.

    Thanks for posting this idea, which I would not have tried, since i hate the bruiser class and never use it.
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    Bruiser + scout. Sailed through to the end. Dusted off wide margin just for fun.
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    The tries with rich and michonne on hard was difficult but did it thou with heavy injury.

    The one with your own chars, I used a bruiser to stun them and finish them off with a shooter or warrior. The 2nd freemen doesn't attack if you don't attack him. but when you finished the first one, don't get next to him or he will stun you and he hit hard and your down only to one survivor.
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