15 radio calls @ Special $$$

Hi everyone

I was wondering if there is a chance to have the 15 radio call sale back again for only 10 ??We havent had that for a long time. It would be a great great special for everyone$hey$ ,rather then keep circulating these special hero token calls for 10radios where its a real struggle to get a decent result from it.


  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,692
    Never happening again.
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  • StarkhornStarkhorn Member Posts: 68
    I think JayZ is referring to this comment. I am not 100% sure if this is still valid but it doesn't seem like the event where 15 radio call cost 10 radios is coming back anytime soon.

  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,158
    I completely agree. However, NG already stated that even though this is a popular event, they will not be having it again. Basically, they don't want to encourage radio hoarding.

    Yeah, I don't get it either...
  • GothgulGothgul Member Posts: 264
    As long as they keep introducing new hero's, there is always a reason to hoard radios. There may be one that people really want, or has a good leader trait that people will want to try for and blow a ton of radios on.
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,158
    I agree, @Papacas ! I am not going to be wasting my phones on these 10 radio calls, for sure! If they want me to spend my hoard, they will have to offer me some kind of better deal.

    At the moment, I am hoarding TG as well. Since I have enough level 20 gear, I'm waiting for when level 21 comes out and then I can spend a bunch on the gear crates. Yeah, that's going to be awhile, but by then I'll have enough TG to buy a whole lot of those crates! :smiley:

    Life isn't fun without hoarding. I just really love saving things up and then enjoying them all at once. I do it with money, vacation time, calories... even bingeing TV shows! Why not do it with phones and TG?
  • PapacasPapacas Member Posts: 416
    @TransmuteJun exactely! Same for me regarding TGs and gear. I am almost at 100 phones and i am only spending TGs now on phones and on specufic heroes i either dont have or have but that are below 4*.

    Awesome post, your last one. I completely see myself in it, hehe. Maybe not calories, or i am trying not to, lol
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,158
    Papacas said:

    Awesome post, your last one. I completely see myself in it, hehe. Maybe not calories, or i am trying not to, lol

    @Papacas With calories... if you are trying to lose weight, you will never be successful unless you build treats or 'cheats' into your diet. You will start longing for things and if you can never have them, eventually you will break. So I regularly budget 'fun' foods for my weekends, but am more strict on weekdays. See? Hoarding calories!

    Funny thing is, even Shteevie admitted to hoarding phones in a recent post... :naughty:

  • General_QuatreGeneral_Quatre Member Posts: 990
    I'm with you on the gear/TG front. I'm sitting on 300,000 TG and play enough OP that I can always stay there and also buy all the tokens in the shop. My logic? Each survivor needs two items totaling at 25k/survivor. 300k is enough to gear up my top 12 survivors, and the rest (heroes and OP defenders and whatnot) will get the hand me downs (still excellent legendary level 23 gear!) So when that update comes out... I'll be ready. Unless ng changes the shop or doesn't offer that stuff.

    Phones I don't hoard because there is an instant gratification from spending them and I don't care for heroes per se. I enjoy (slowly) leveling up my crew first to 6 and now to 7 stars (I even have a scout with 7 stars and two traits upgraded).
  • bladeknbladekn Member Posts: 19
    Thanks @Starkhorn for the link its quit in depth and detailed there. I didn't know they have actually made a decision to take it of there plans for the next 3 to 6 months and maybe to even terminate it after all.
    Definitely not something I was hoping to find out.

    @TransmuteJun @Papacas that must have hit you hard thou.I have been saving them up since October now Ive got 2100 radios but now knowing there is no such a promotions , well Im not happy to say at least...hm..!
    I do agree that there isn't anything wrong with hording radios , different people different strategy different approach to the game, some people cant even understand how can someone stand not to burn them just after couple of dozens in they possession.
    To say that this has been done to not encourage players to hoard radios it feels a bit like double standard to me, simple reason is that they are doing these special 14 days of heroes , so perhaps someone hasn't got all of the heroes then they can go for them on the day the hero is on. So logically if I only missing 1 or 2 I will try and save up as much radio as I can for the next time my so desperately wanted hero is back on the market . Wait for a second doesn't is this the same principle as waiting for a special radio deal other then the special 10 hero token calls.

    So now I have a look on the reason I have started saving these phones up and stopped burning them after I had 100+ is because there wasn't a good value for them in return.

    Lets not mention the 1 radio call because its obvious it doesn't give too much value.
    5 radio calls still not a a good value at the moment gives some rare tokens some hero tokens but its very unlikely that I will end up with epic survivor or a decent hero token and very very very unlikely to get a legendary survivor.
    15 calls is the best option at the moment minimum rare roughly 1 out of 4 the time have 1 epic and 2 rare or at least 32 hero tokens and a chance to end up with a legendary survivor, but the cost is 15 radios thou. So it was a excellent option to have some special done on these 15 calls just like having them for 10 radios or increased chance of legendary survivors.
    And now the 10 radio special hero calls .I would put them to the same category as the 5 radio calls , with an intentions to ask double of the radios for them in return to offer higher chance of hero tokens at a lower rate. And that would be the best way to describe them.My experience is to get about 60% of hero tokens but here comes the funny part they are not 2 not 8 not 32 or more but 10 , and ONLY 10 like, they are obsessed with this number.
  • Spike123123Spike123123 Member Posts: 6
    Hey ya'll. So to recap:

    The best value from radio calls is the 15 radios.
    2nd best value is the 5s.
    3rd the 10s.
    Last, the 1 radio call.

    If this is not correct please let me know. In my experience, the 15 radio call easily outpaces the rest.
  • yoyosyoyos Member Posts: 73
    It's because it's filling up their database, so stop hoarding !
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  • MaebalzurakinMaebalzurakin Member Posts: 50
    I don't care what they say. I know they will have a phone related event again.

    The last time I decided to blow all of my phones, they announced a higher chance at legendary event the very next day.

    It isn't happening to me again. So I will hoard.
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