12 things I will ALWAYS remember Next Games taught me.



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    The more walkers you have the more goods others can steal from you. Without any loss on your side.

    Your walkers don't attack you. They completely ignore you and your friends to attack your enemies even if the distance is a lot bigger.
  • Squall_NMLSquall_NML Member Posts: 737
    127) Heroes fixed the motorcycle just let the walkers to ride it!
  • Squall_NMLSquall_NML Member Posts: 737
    194) Old days we used tokens to play arcades. Now we used tokens to unlocks/upgrades/promotes characters
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    You would just walk in your camp all the time, without sleeping, moving around not knowing what you're doing and where you are until you're chosen to go on a mission.
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    5) Some hunters use rifles that shoot bullets with 2-yard-wide diameters.

    Thats just given me an idea for a comedy video.
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    I didn't know, but I needed this thread.
    And now actually I need more, and better
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    N+(X+1)) Sometimes you can neither see over nor shoot over even compact sedans. No one knows why, just go with it.
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    N+((X+1)+1))) Even after you and your friends have been led by the hand and taught to scavenge, make, place, and detonate improvised explosive devices, you shouldn't ever use this seemingly handy and effective skill. Unless, of course, a drunk hillbilly from a parallel universe shows up out of nowhere. Then you absolutely should let him show anyone and everyone with enough cash or tradegoods how to set those walkers on fire that want to come up and hug you. Then you and your friends should sit around the campfire at night and figure out ways to make it less efficient and keep walkers you don't see from catching on fire.
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    ∞ +2) You can run and attack all at once, but you can't run, then attack.
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