advantage/ disadvantage to leveling survivors to the next level

All of my survivors are level 17. Are there any advantages to leveling some to 18. I found when I leveled my main survivors I used to 17 it really caused me pain to those who were 16. As the walker levels increased and made it so much harder for the 16 levels to kill the walkers. Is there a bracket that anyone has found for the increase of survivors.


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    I mean there is no way to upgrade them all at same time or even remotely quick u less u just go dbl xp and spend bunches of gold...but if u wait it out its gonna take a week or two anyways to get them all up...I went from 17 to 18 like 10 days ago and still don't have whole team up to 18...only like 60%...takes long time unless u spend up to speed it up like crazy...
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    Agreed with Above - 1 it'll take time, but 2 - I'd wait till you get player level up, or you'll be running around with sub-par kit.

    FWIW, I'm player level46, and have level17's Training, and have been since the last challenge, but even though i could bump training grounds, I'm holding so i can get some better kit first, as I've running around with maxed base lvl16 kit ATM.

    I got lucky with the lvl16 upgrades... I got a gas booster, on the 5 second training weekend. Even then, it was a LONG weekend!
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    Thanks for your input. right now I am player level 48 and have maxed out my council, training grounds only level 16 and workshop 15. farm plots all maxed out. everything else needs upgraded. from what it sounds like I need to upgrade other things to get the player level up so that I can get better equipment to upgrade before I level up the players. sounds about right to me so that the weapons can eliminate the walkers easier than higher survivors and inadequate weapons.... thanks again
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    I know you have your answer, but I still wanted to comment :)

    If your lvl 17 survivors are using upgraded lvl 17 gear (ie the gear is lvl 20), and you are nearing max xp, then you can start your upgrade to lvl 18.

    Remember, the farming missions get harder every time you upgrade your survivors. So you will want to upgrade your main team asap, and if you have near max xp, you should be able to upgrade 2 back to back. And by the time the 2nd one finishes, hopefully you farmed enough to upgrade the last one.

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    Yo estoy nivel 43 con jugador 18, pero se hace difícil juntar para poder actualizar las armas, ya que los jugadores no matan a los caminantes rápido y terminan golpeados, casa vez es más difícil juntar alimentos para poder mejorar edificios
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