Help on Lvl20 Warriors

ArkhanArkhan Member Posts: 23
Hi all,
I am asking for your help and experience regarding my warriors.
My team is composed of 6 warriors including Jesus and I would like to know on which one to invest time, XPs and tokens (and if I should dismiss the others).
Noly for instance seems strong to me, but does not have luck. Anthony looks well also, but with vigilant is he the way to go? What to think about Randy, Frederic and Marvin?
Thanks in advance for your help and advice :)


  • chefin3chefin3 Member Posts: 284
    me personally Fredrick,randy and marvin isnt worth putting time and xp into....noly is good and yes not having luck sucks and anythony is pretty good i would retire the later 3 thats me personally..too.vigilant sucks..
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  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    Since the nerf of luck I don't personally don't care that much about it anymore. My best hunter doesn't have luck and she's doing pretty well.

    I like Noly since she has both dodges, retaliate, strong and iron skin, making her tough.

    I also wouldn't invest in Randy, Frederick or Marvin. Frederick might have some use if you play passively (overwatch a lot - don't know if anyone does that with their warriors, though). Anthony isn't so bad, either (even though I don't like vigilant that much).
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  • ArkhanArkhan Member Posts: 23
    Thank you both for the advice.
    I dropped Marvin and Randy for the token.
    I will keep for now Anthony and Frederick and potentially keep investing on Noly :smile:
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