Token Crates

If this is already here I apologize before hand. I'm so sick of busting my butt to get token crates and I get 15 shooter tokens or 25 hunter tokens. That crate should be used for hero tokens only. It's hard as hell to upgrade heros. Guess it's a damn money racket


  • feracolyteferacolyte Member Posts: 163
    i really just treat the token crate as a free forced 5 phone call. you just get like 10-32 random tokens. so every other guild reward and every token crate is like worth 5 phones
  • WahooDawgWahooDawg Member Posts: 471
    We get plenty of XP, TG and supplies from other sources. I think the first two challenge crates should be epic/legendary gear (or maybe radios).
  • DeanTWDDeanTWD Member Posts: 187
    edited March 2017
    @WahooDawg yeh you're right. I couldn't think last night so edited my post!

    Tbh nothing will change though. I'll still be grafting for over 600 stars and ending up with 11 shoddy shooter tokens at the end.
  • bigbeanobigbeano Member Posts: 602
    My token crates were all regular survivor tokens this week.I plan on stopping around 650ish,no point in going any further..
  • LordNeganLordNegan Member Posts: 27
    @JayZ If we were able to better upgrade our heroes, they'd be just as effective as those pink star characters, if not more. I have to agree with @DeanTWD
  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,430
    @LordNegan that's not true for most show characters, yes they start with more health and power but for the majority of them they have bad traits so they wouldn't be as, or more effective, of course their are a couple exceptions that are true heroes in the show character pool.
    Also that's main problem myself and others have with the show characters there is to many and too hard to come by
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  • nickc25nickc25 Member Posts: 309
    I don't mind that it's both, not too bothered about heroes now they're so saturated, too many of them and will take forever to get to legendary and pink star levels.

    What annoys me is that quite often, I get more tokens for 160 (I think it's 160) tokens than I do for 920, which is just stupid. Last week I got the 1140 (or so) token reward and I got 18 tokens, I do not underfunded how they can think that's fair. Yeah make it random between hero and survivor but increase them as you advance. This week I've not been bothered as much and can't be bothered even going for 920 because all I'll probably get is 15 tokens or something.
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  • LordNeganLordNegan Member Posts: 27
    @Captainslayer that's what I was trying to say. They made it very difficult for us to upgrade those heroes to make them effective because a) too many and b) the tokens are too difficult to get. If they were easily upgradable, they might be more usable.
  • Camel56Camel56 Member Posts: 569
    I think they should re-evaluate the token crates in challenges! You finally make it to a new all time high reaching a token crate but you're only rewarded with a mere 10 tokens. I'll take the tokens, but it should be a higher amount for each token crate you reach. Similar to the levels they had on guild token rewards. Random class/hero is fine but make it worthwhile to reach each token crate.
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