Upgrade? Keep? Purge?

Hi guys, I'm still a low level (33) but would love advice to know if any of these survivors are good and worth sticking with. (If not I'm happy to purge them as all I seem to do is use shooters/hunters in challenges at the moment.

Thanks for your help.


  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    I'd say Mara is too much of a gamble and would cost too many tokens to promote. Tim's traits are not awesome but pretty decent - plus he's legendary already.

    You only have 2 scouts so you might want to keep Diane for now. Same goes for shooters and Kyle. But I'd look for scouts and shooters with different traits (retaliate for example and marksman is a must for me, too).

    I'd keep Dan for now but he also lacks retaliate. Same for Francisco and Anna. You could gamble on Anna's fifth trait if you don't mind her not having luck or strong.

    Mark has decent traits though most of us (including me) aren't so fond of vigilant. But in some situations that can be useful.

    I am sure there are others who can give you more detailed tips but I hope that helps a little (though I have something bad to say about all of your guys, sorry :/ ).
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    Thanks for your insight, no worries on the bad comments about them all it's early days I guess for me!
  • BevchenkoBevchenko Member Posts: 9
    What is the general consensus for traits is it still:

    Scout: Luck, Iron Skin, Dodge, Strong, Retaliate.
    Bruiser; Luck, Iron Skin, Dodge, Bullet Dodge, Retaliate.
    Hunter; Luck, Iron Skin, Marksman, Dodge, Sure Shot.
    Shooter; Luck, Iron Skin, Marksman, Dodge, Retaliate.
    Assault; Luck, Iron Skin, Dodge, Bullet Dodge, Marksman.
    Warrior; Luck, Iron Skin, Strong, Dodge, Retaliate.

  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    I think so. Besides of shooters, they don't normally have retaliate. Did you mean sure shot maybe? I like that for my hunters and shooters.

    I don't mind not having luck as much anymore as I did before they nerfed it.

    My best hunter for example has both dodges, iron skin, marksman and sure shot.

    And my guys don't all have the ideal traits either but I am still doing well enough (for my liking).

    My favorite assault has marksman, luck, iron skin, bullet dodge and sure shot. So 4 out of 5 (like my hunter). She's still doing well and sure shot can be great on some maps where you have your assault stationary and killing off spawn.

    I have an "ideal" scout but use legendary Glenn most of the time, especially when raiding. Also have an ideal bruiser, also not really used.

    Warrior has bullet dodge instead of strong and is rarely used.

    Only "ideal" I really use is my shooter (both dodges, luck, marksman, sure shot). And she can deal a lot of damage.

    Before I got her I used other less ideal ones and did really well with them, too. It sometimes just takes time to get there.

    Sorry for the long post, I'm too tired to write a short(er) post. :p
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  • FenixoFenixo Member Posts: 141
    I personally would only keep Anna, and hope that the last trait is Luck :)

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  • splaggsplagg Member Posts: 93
    Hi @Bevchenko
    I’m only a bit higher than you at present so treat this as “progressive” advice rather than “end game” advice.
    First and foremost, I’d recommend picking up an XP buff before retiring anyone.

    Assaults: I kind of like Tim but he’ll be replaceable eventually. I think of assaults as the tanks of the ranged class – if you have a shooter, hunter, assault team and one of them has to take a hit you’re most likely going to want it to be the assault. That being said, his iron skin trait is a good one to have on top of sure shot and marksman (damage buff traits are pretty much always tops). Personally I’d prefer to see lucky and dodge over bullet dodge and vigilant. Mara has an OK start but I’m in the camp that it’s not worth the token investment to level up any survivors lower than epic because you might reveal garbage traits. Best to wait until you recruit a decent assault with 4+ stars and save your tokens until then.

    Scouts: Congrats on getting Glen to epic so quickly – you scored on those tokens for sure! The consensus on melee in general is that they’re not worth it without retaliate. So maybe hold on to Diane for a while just because you don’t have more scouts, but you’ll probably be kicking her ass to the curb as soon as you get an XP buff or recruit a scout with retaliate, whichever comes first. I think that lucky is also a mandatory scout trait – reason being that if you happen to score a unicorn of a scout weapon lucky will be extremely beneficial to it (that weapon, imo, would have swift strike and lucky plus one of lethal, destructive, or charging). As you near end game, Threat Reduction becomes a valuable trait as well. A prime scout to me would have retaliate, strong, lucky, iron skin, and whatever fifth trait because I’d be so stoked to see the first four.

    Warriors: Great that they’re both strong and lucky. Not great that they both have vigilance and power strike. Very sad that neither has retaliate. Ultimately I think both Veronica and Dan are replaceable. Also consider that, at present, the warrior class is widely considered to be the weakest link. If you only have 2 of them you won’t get quests that call for an all-warrior team.

    Bruisers: My top spot for bruisers is my outpost. Retaliate is an absolute must, imo, for that job. Also strong, lucky, iron skin, and bullet dodge. But I actually like Kelly over Francisco and Anna. I could see her being useful in a difficult mission as long as you kept her in a place to draw agro with overwatch active. I think that as soon as you get some recruits with retaliate you’ll be ok to boot both Francisco and Anna.

    Hunters: Mark is really the only guy to talk about here and he’s looking pretty good, I think. I could take or leave vigilance but his next 3 traits are prime for hunters – lucky, marksman, and sure shot. Depending on how my luck was going with hunter recruitment I might be totally willing to invest in his 5th trait with fingers crossed for iron skin.

    Shooters: Again, you only have Kyle. Because you only have Kyle and shooters are one of the most powerful classes, I say keep Kyle. Don’t waste any tokens on him, though, because you’ll definitely be replacing him eventually. I think lucky is a critical trait for shooters because their unicorn weapons greatly benefit from it. If you can get charging and lucky on a pistol, on top of a lucky shooter, you’ll be able to use their free charge attack almost every turn. Alright maybe not almost every turn but you’ll be able to get fully charged with 1 kill much more often and that is straight up awesome.

    For more detail on the subject of traits, go check out @OneLessTitan ‘s trait page: https://twdnomansland.wordpress.com/traits/
    And more helpful info here: http://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/20098/game-information-directory-olts-sitemap
  • BevchenkoBevchenko Member Posts: 9
    Mate thank you so much very informative!
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