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    You're correct! Roughasses new weapon lol :D
  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,201
    @Teeceezy will we be getting any gift with the update :)

    I was thinking of buying a few weapons but with the new update coming and the level cap on weapons, I should let it rest.

    Since the development has been done and locked, there is no need to give any suggestions

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    @zeeblack i hope its the Golden Lucille that @Teeceezy is showing off
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    Rufus's new weapon is coming free. And if I had to guess then the golden Lucille will be given as a community event reward.

    Probably making a video!

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    Certainly hope we can upgrade the gear and weapons we already have.
    Searching for L21 gear to upgrade 3 times will cost mahussive amounts of xp, not to mention levelling up survivors. Although not many heroes will need levelling up.
    What is that sound i hear?
    Oh yeah. It's the funeral bell tolling for No Man's Land.
    Surely this will be the kiss of death. Already my top guild mates are talking about tapping out permanently.
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    Maybe NG should at least put that if you want you're current lvl 20 gear to become 21 the opportunity to upgrade them via XP, better that then finding new weapons . Its just stupid to scrap all your weapons every 5 months when the new level comes.
    Its just demoralizes me and i believe other player's and makes me want to quit playing te game NG should realize that it isn't easy to find good equipment and then spend like 4 million XP to upgrade it.
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    Some of the Sneak Peeks

    Probably making a video!

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    @Teeceezy Is later now? (Answer: No, but soon.)
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    JayZ said:

    > @painclasher said:

    > Some of the Sneak Peeks

    To save everyone five minutes of their lives, there's no new information in this video besides what we already know: Rufus's weapons, new Council, new Workshop, new Training Grounds.

    "Sneak Peeks" is very misleading when it's the information that everyone already has...

    i think it's nice that he made video like this - there are people like me who follow his channel, so I'm happy to find everything in one place + in visual format :)

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    You should follow the example frm cinema. Each announcement has specified date, to gather an audience as many as possible B)
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    hi @Teeceezy
    We've got the unconfirmed info that part of update 2.5 will be the possibility to upgrade council to lvl 20. Which player level will be necessary for that?
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    vshield50 said:

    Their date is "soon". That is all they usually ever say. I am guessing because they probably really don't know.

    I too wish they would give a general timeline. Pehaps coming in the month of, week of, etc.

    Teeceezy said:

    That's been taken in to account, yes. More details later today.

    Seems pretty specific to me...
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    It's too late !
    Remember to use your charge abilities
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    @Teeceezy Thanks for the update but now I have Morrissey stuck in my head! ;)
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    @Mortmer LOL same here. But what difference does it make?
  • MortmerMortmer Member Posts: 172
    @Teeceezy No difference in the game but pleasant memories from high school and college for me now. :smiley:
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    @Mortmer Sorry, I was trying to start a Morrissey-themed pun thread. :)

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    Closing this, see you all in Update 2.5 Official Discussion Thread.
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