Hard time not getting bruised on The Archives

numennumen Member Posts: 32
One of the challenge missions this week (The Archives) is very hard for me not to get bruised on. It's all armored walkers in very tight spaces.

I had tried bringing a couple of assaults so I could get one charged up to stun, but it wasn't good enough. I also went for bruisers and a warrior (I don't have a wide arc that's high enough level, unfortunately).

It's only one star, so it's probably not worth the fuel to fight for it, but it's kind of frustrating. Any tips or things that have worked for other people?


  • Squall_NMLSquall_NML Member Posts: 737
    Ehm, Abe, hunter & shooter? In higher RSL it doesn't always work out well too :(
  • FenixoFenixo Member Posts: 141
    The things that really help through this kind of maps and is a must - golden Piercing trait on weapons for ranged+luck. On this I always take Hunter with this combo, a legendary assault with defensive traits like dodge and Iron skin or defensive bruiser. And the last one depends on gear. Last armored challenge - Jesus helped me a lot. But the main thing, again: piercing, piercing and... Piercing! Plus, someone who can take hits without getting injured. Good luck! ;)

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  • numennumen Member Posts: 32

    That was my starting try!


    My problem is probably that I have no percs on my weapons right now.
  • VerbaubVerbaub Member Posts: 650
    Not having Piercing weapons is gonna make it tough.
    I think they are ramping up the difficulty on these maps to test our limits ... must be some good data collection going on.
  • carlos1981carlos1981 Member Posts: 346
    I used Dwight (Will replace later), Bruiser and Assault. Daryl maybe better as he has Dodge, but I'm only RSL-1 round 2 ATM

    Bruiser in the middle helps, as can stun either side, and if stunning for more than 1 move, will stun multiple, and bottle-neck them up.

    I'll replace Assault when it gets too much, maybe with another hunter, or shooter

    I'd also echo piercing trait... Fortunately, i have that on 2/3 maxed out Rifles, 1 Assault Rifle, and 2 Maxed out Pistols.

    Might try Warrior (+ Bruiser, Assault), but only it has Maxed out legendary Armour with Dodge, And the Warrior's sword Interrupt could come in handy...

    Starting spawn points can play a part in Bruise or not bruising IMHO
  • FOADFOAD Member Posts: 11
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    So, here is my advice as many other members in my guild have complained about this mission:

    Two successful strategies are going to be: A. Bringing along 2 hunters and one shooter OR B. Bringing along a shooter, a hunter, and a scout.
    You want players who you feel confident with and who are also at higher levels.

    I DO NOT suggest you bring an assault or a bruiser and here is why: an assault and a bruiser are great for taking out large groups of regular walkers. HOWEVER, they are relatively weak and do little damage when fighting against tanks and armored walkers (which are the majority of the walkers in this challenge). Both assault and bruisers also have stun which is cool if you are facing regular walkers BUT I have found that stun does not always work against armored walkers.

    You essentially want players who can deal a large amount of damage in one attack. This is why I suggest you DEFINITELY bring along a shooter because they A. deal massive blows to tanks and armored and B. have a free attack which is going to be super helpful in finishing off an armored or a tank.

    A hunter has critical attack which deals a massive amount of damage, i.e. leads to critical damage. A scout is also a good choice since brain stab is super effective at dealing high levels of damage to a tank or armored and can even kill them in one go.

    I also do not recommend you bring a warrior. I tried and I literally got into a struggle in the second move. It was a fail. Don't bother believe me.

    I made a tutorial on every challenge for this week's challenge which you will see below. I am hoping it helps you strategy wise plus you can see plan A and B in action. You will also see what happens if you bring a warrior which,hint hint, results in a massive fail.

    Skip to 14:17 for The Archives with a combination of 2 hunters and a shooter
    Skip to 23:29 to see the fail moment if you bring a warrior
    Skip to 28:55 to see The Archives completed with a combination of a shooter, a hunter, and a scout

    If you ever need any more advice on strategy I have a channel which you can visit here

    Hope this video helps and I wish you the best of luck as you progress along on this very difficult mission!

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  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,391
    I use Abe and 2 other Assaults (Level 20). All have all piercing weapons and 2 with wide arc. I have gotten through Level 21 without a scratch. Just don't advance on the walkers. Just open up on them from your starting position. That sometimes gets one Assault charged up to stun. Once you get past the first round and can get an Assault charged it, it's easy to finish off the rest.

    As stated earlier, piercing weapons are a must. Good luck!
  • crambert_neccrambert_nec Member Posts: 1,376
    Bruiser, Warrior, Bruiser. Both bruisers have Morgan's Staff. Overwatch and let them come to you so they get stunned and create a barrier. Try and kill one at a time so the new one that takes it's place will get stunned on overwatch from a bruiser. I know this strategy isn't ideal as many people probably don't even have one Morgan's Staff, but it is effective. Even more so with the 50% damage buff on bruisers this week. So far I've gotten 3 stars everytime time through RSL 24.2.
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  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    I'm going for the JDM strategy. No, not Jeffery Dean Morgan, @crambert_nec 's JesusDoubleMorgan's :p
  • The_JerThe_Jer Member Posts: 293
    On round 24.2 I tried hunter - hunter - shooter, all pink star with gold piercing weapons and one died. Then I tried pink warrior, pink bruiser with morgan's staff, and epic Morgan with a second staff. Made it, but heavy injury to 2, and the other was injured. Used epic Abe as leader and 2 pink assaults. All with gold spread and silver/gold pierce. One guy got bruised.
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 6,672
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    It depends... I'm playing lvl 23 with 3 assaults and i started to get 2 stars instead of 3... But despite to what @FOAD said i have a guildmate at lvl 24 playing with 3 stars with 2 bruisers and an hunter... ;)

    Edited: well ..did now 23.3 with assaults and again 3 stars!!
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  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,391
    Just did Level 23 with my 3 Assaults and got my first bruise. Time to look at another strategy or just be happy with 2 stars.
  • avelardezavelardez Member Posts: 1,306
    Who I used.
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,391
    avelardez said:

    Who I used.

    Ouch. Level 25 seems brutal. I just may stop at 24. I probably need to go back to Outpost Raiding for the TGs.
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