12,5k TG not available anymore?

So, it disappeared forever like Stu? Give it back will you? The walkers out there have a Death Wish, need leg weapon, must Clear all of them... CLEARRR >:)


  • Conan1976Conan1976 Member Posts: 758
    They are out of tye TG store, not related to bruiser week
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  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 6,703
    I hate this 12.5. You pay a lot and always for unwanted traits... So better the 7.5. Unwanted traits but less expensive and better choice. I would never spend 12.5 for an armor but sometimes i find a nice armor for 7.5 :)
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  • Jcsking1Jcsking1 Member Posts: 43
    Any update on the 12.5K gear? It feels like it has been a while since I saw anything in the store and I'm sitting on a lot of trade goods right now.
  • Squall_NMLSquall_NML Member Posts: 737
    Let's wait till new update came. I hope they offer 12.5k in each class so we could have multiple option and not tied up with whatever class event like it used to be :#
  • MasterXMasterX Member Posts: 16
    @Shteevie , @zbot can you please answer the question? Will 12,5 k weapons at TG store be back in the future? If yes, when? There are 4 threads related to this issue. In the first you told us, it's just one option for first week when they dissapeared. Now it's 4th week in a row. Can you be honest with community? I want to know because of uninstall, and I believe there is more people like me. It's now almost impossible to get lvl20 legendary weapon/armor for prefered classes and you know it. There were multiple actions from your side (legendary crates and low level legendary weapons droping, lower lvls from golden crates after missions). Pls tell us truth, it's all about a bussines for real money. It's legit step from you. Mine is uninstall then.
  • Cherokee_RoseCherokee_Rose NML Moderator Posts: 795
    edited March 2017
    @MasterX This is just my opinion but I believe they have not been in tg store recently because of the upcoming update. There would probably be a lot of player backlash if they had spent tg on lvl 20 items when a new council upgrade was just around the corner. I'm sure they will be back after the update.

    Edit: This was announced today. Level 21 golden Lucille probably means council upgrade is coming soon.
  • MasterXMasterX Member Posts: 16
    @Cherokee_Rose I'm not that sure. Here are answers from 1 month before for my question about missing 12,5k gear in TG shop. And we know whats the situation today. I think they are just lying ...

    > @zbot said:
    > Thanks for the tag, sorry to say the offerings in the TG store are working as intended. The items offered in the TG store vary and it looks like it's leg and epic crates this time.

    > @Shteevie said:
    > Hello all,
    > Zbot was speaking the truth. We're always watching the TG shop performance, and trying to improve the offers to make the most players excited for restocks. Of course, adding everything all the time would make the shop too big to be useful, and also take the fun out of the variety of offers. Good luck with your 7.5k crate results!
  • Cherokee_RoseCherokee_Rose NML Moderator Posts: 795
    @MasterX I don't really see anything wrong with those answers because the items offered do vary from time to time. Since they were working as intended, that's what NG wanted to be offered for that period of time. I can't speak for NG but was just speculating that an upcoming update may have been a reason for that decision.
  • Squall_NMLSquall_NML Member Posts: 737
    They are back!!! B)
  • iozzegiozzeg Member Posts: 158
    Yeah, but only for those who are still on their way to lvl58, for others it just doesn't make any sense to spend that much TG on lvl 20 gear :/
  • Squall_NMLSquall_NML Member Posts: 737
    Yes, for max players they have to wait till next update :#
  • DonCoquiDonCoqui Member Posts: 586
    > @iozzeg said:
    > Yeah, but only for those who are still on their way to lvl58, for others it just doesn't make any sense to spend that much TG on lvl 20 gear :/


    Oh brother... you are looking from the defenseless player side... innocence is virtue. It is a masterful move if you are pulling the strings fm the Corporate side. Sorry brother, but this s*** ain't bout you or me... it's about them and the bottom line.

    --DonCoqui (about to be banned for speaking the truth)

    PS. Give me an excuse to get my life back... please.
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