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I get that p should have advanced one survivor for multiple pinks vs a pink on multiple survivors. Trying to correct that. Which one is most valuable for clallenges, and which for outpost?

I'm thinking Wayne for outpost and Candy for challenges.

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    Honestly, I would rather have Iron Skin than Bullet Dodge in Outposts. Iron Skin will allow you to survive 2-3 extra hits, whereas Bullet Dodge works so infrequently that it's a nice trait to have, but not something that can be relied upon. Even though Candy and Fidel have the same traits, I would say they're your best two Shooters.
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    @Akartiki I would say - Candy and Fidel are both perfect survivors, especially against walkers (you're damn lucky). Scrap Ivory for tokens, because imo shooter with defensive can't grow to the full potential. Wayne would be perfect for outpost if he had Iron skin instead of Vigilant, however it's not bad in some walkers and freemen missions IF you like to use overwatch. I personally would stay only with Candy and Fidel - they are REALLY great for both - outposts and missions.
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