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    I got a feeling that I am free to gather up all the phones I need , consult the Soup Dragons.

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    @Shteevie Well that's just enough for me. When you joined NGs and started posting here I was one of your bigger fans. I really was. Your posts were informative, witty at times and you genuinely seemed involved with the player community. And no one can take that away from you. I certainly will not!

    But be that as it may, and this is only my opinion, you have been more dry and at points rude to your customers lately. You even insulted a person (the Bill something thingie). While you still tale your time to address the community, which is always great, things have gone sour. The tone change is, for me, quite obvious. Maybe erosion from dealing with so many complaints?

    Regarding your announcement of no more discounted calls events in the nearby future, I will first quote 2 sentences form your post:

    "Players who hold out a resource to spend only during a discount or buffed event will see far less progression while waiting, which makes the game less interesting for them."

    "Players who stockpile phones specifically are making far fewer calls and therefore getting far fewer hero tokens than we intend for them to do at the end game."

    And then you state "We are not demanding that everyone play the game the same way, or to follow our 'instructions' to the letter."

    is that a joke? Telling people what they can and cannot do in terms of game strategy is exactly what you are doing! I hoarded 3k+ phones so far because my non-heroes team is pretty much as I was them and I was waiting for the discount event and all heroes to be released so I could blow the radios away. NGs is telling me I should not do that because I would have too much of an advantage. So the real money I spent and hours of gameplay should not give me any advantage? So why bother at all?

    Also, and I read this on another thread, in my eyes you did lie about the coming of such a discounted event! I am sorry, but it is quite clear to me that in the old post we were asking you if discounted events would be in the horizon (this was around November) and you said yes, but you were not sure when. It is so obvious we were all talking about this event and not the bloody 10 radio calls... Now you can say otherwise, but I am not buying it, sorry.

    This is a clear step downwards for me. I am quite sick of this posture from NGs. Time to reappraise my position towards the game.
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    Can't say NG hasn't been throwing radios at us, last couple of months.
    Probably enough to compensate for not having the much wanted event.
    At least there is clarity now...

    Took a while though :|
    That seems to be the whole issue right?
    People kept dreaming about such an event for months.
    And now, it is a rude awakening.
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    Shteevie said:

    When it comes to the phone stockpile creating an unfortunate situation, though, consider this:
    Let's say it was Morgan's unlock day on xmas. You are a brand new player, and Morgan is your favorite character. You are pumped! Somewhere on social media or these forums, you see a player brag about having made 500 calls and showing off their new Legendary Morgan. You want one, too, but you have used up all the phones you had and didn't even unlock him yet. When you go to make another call, you see that it would cost thousands of gold to make the same number of calls. You assume that this means that the player who has the legendary Morgan did just that, and that perhaps only players who spend that much money will every get that character.

    I have about a million thoughts I'd like to share on this thread, and maybe some time soon I'll have some time to gather and share them, but I did want to comment on this particular scenario. This scenario exists in the game, independent of stockpiling resources, and it always will. We have all seen what happens when a Council, Training Grounds, and Workshop upgrades drop with an update. Someone like me starts their Council upgrade and within an hour of the update dropping, someone is posting screenshots of their new max level teams and gear. Yes, this can be frustrating to a player like me, but as I have always said there will always be other players that have more time and money to spend on this game than I do, and if someone wants to drop hundreds of dollars to upgrade everything in a matter of minutes, that's absolutely 100% their right. I don't see why this scenario is concerning with resources (phones, etc) but not with actual currency.

    Even in the example cited, instead of someone hoarding phones, they could purchase a couple of huge radio bundles and the result would be the same. I just don't see the issue here.
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    It's about magnitude. And it's hard to gauge, because different players have different reactions to events like this. If players get a "world first" in an MMO the day after an expansion, it feels like a letdown for everyone. If we build a big multi-part event that is sidestepped by spending a pile of resources saved up beforehand, it short circuits the excitement for the event for some people.

    Like I said, it's a bit of a tightrope walk. We need to try to make it possible for the players on both sides of these events to be happy.
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    As a serial resource hoarder, perhaps it is no surprise that im sitting on a large stock of phones as well in hopes of an event i was to use them on. Honestly not worried about the lack of 10 for 15 call events scheduled in the future because its like the new icoels issue all over again and its the same position that ng had on that as to why there isnt a gold value call on the cards in the next bit.

    What id like to know is if there will be any events like the previous class based calls coming up? I know i loved to juice through phones on increased scout chane day to expand my roster of scouts and im sure others out there would love to amp up classes of their own with some more tokens/survivors of a specified class. Much as the hero calls give players a chance to pursue their fav hero, those class based calls gave us a chance to pursue our favourite classes.

    Here's hoping!
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    I think we can do class-based calls again, for sure. I'll mention it in the next planning meeting. We did one not that long ago, but it has been a while since we went though all the classes.
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    Please note: Development is a fluid process, and suggestions and implementation take time and iteration. Any discussion of future features, deadlines, updates, balance changes, and such should be considered prospective and subject to change.
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    Make it a class week - 6 classes and heroes (as one class) - 7 days, each day another.
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,692
    Great idea @CRUSH - and please for the love of god, make them 15 calls and not 10.
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    The previous ones were 15 calls so hopefully they'll continue that way in the future. And yeah it would be nice to go through all the classes maybe in a special week or something so everyone knows its coning and can choose to spend their radios on their fav days/classes accordingly!
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    @Shteevie I was so content "hating you" now and then you come in with that post and ruin the experience for me. Thanks a lot for your concern and your words. I still thing we have to agree to disagree to an extent, but that's quite ok. Just release that last hero and I will toast all my 3150 radios and be done with that.

    I know it is not easy at all to keep your head up high in optimism and good mood with so many harsh issues to be addressed and less than kind words flying around, but please do keep on trying. Your post restored a big chunk of good feelings here!
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    Hello there hoarders! How is the phone stacking life goal going? I just passed 2500 and counting :))
  • hiplnsdrftrhiplnsdrftr Member Posts: 198
    2,000+ for me... used a few hundred to beef up my crew for the last challenge.
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    I was wondering if there were still any hold outs that refused to use their radios even though they know they're are no discounted events coming anytime soon or icels ever again
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    Man we got some butt hurts on this whole phone issue. Lmao
  • xbamfxxbamfx Member Posts: 1,434
    It's quite simple what @Shteevie said. You're more then welcome to hoard phones just realize other players that are using them rather then hoarding are actually gaining useful tokens and hero tokens. Clearly once you realize there will be no event cutting the cost of phone calls and actually spend them you will be able to attain those tokens as well they will simply be more diluted due to plenty more heroes being available etc etc. I don't get all the hostility just spend a few hundred, save a few hundred rinse and repeat! get your survivor death squad stronger. BTW has anyone seen Winslow? I've been trying to find him
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    Hi everybody :) ,
    Happy to join the club of hoarders +4K and counting...
    I have been saving my talkies since November of last year and waiting for discounted events.
    I'm not in a hurry, ma patience is limitless for the pleasure of hoarding :p

  • SnizzleSnizzle Member Posts: 30
    How do you get that many????
    I dont even come close but, I almost have 290k in TG.
  • yoyosyoyos Member Posts: 73
    You can still wait a long time :)
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    @xbamfx i don't think you really understand the term 'butt hurt' but that's cool lmao
    I used to be a hoarder until shiteevie said no discounted call event for the next 6 months so now i spend regularly like a good little sheep but I can tell you now it's not as satisfying as when I used to spend alot at once and be able to straight away upgrade traits or promote someone
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    @xbamfx: given the fact that I can hit 900 stars without gas boosters with my current squad, I can easily wait untill next December for a good phone event and I believe that most of you will relate to this: I would rather hoard my phones than regret using them just because some staff said hoarding is bad.
    I tell you this, I feel so good every time I log in and see them phones growing and growing :)
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    Hard to see but most ive had in like forever. Had over 1700 and burned them a while ago.
    666 is such a round number.

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    Just caught up with this thread and see a good point raised.
    What is the difference between 'collecting' a few hundred phones and buying a few hundred?
    The net result is the same.
    Unless, of course, the key difference is spending...........
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  • taetewtaetew Member Posts: 12
    nice, my coworker has over 1,000+ hes waiting for a good time to use as well. I had 750 and wanted to unlock michonne, so i spent all of them and only got 395ish tokens of the 500 needed to unlock her.
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