Who's going to be the next character to die?

I'm thinking Rosita. She seems to have a death wish, and now she's dragging Sasha down with her.


  • tlee33tlee33 Member Posts: 83
    Ya, go ahead and kill off Rosita. I used to like her character but now she's annoying.
  • General_QuatreGeneral_Quatre Member Posts: 990
    @LucillesBoyfriend I think she's gonna bite the big one, leaving Rosita ashamed that she got her friend killed, and it'll make her stop her one-woman-crusade against Negan.

    Although I kinda felt that Sasha was supposed to be the Andrea-replacement from the comics, seeing as how she's the group's sharp-shooter. Michonne can't hit crap with that sniper rifle.
  • tlee33tlee33 Member Posts: 83
    Ya, Sasha is out. She's already sign on for the new Star Trek series if that's any indication.
  • T_12T_12 Member Posts: 712
    Rick please don't die!
  • AudaciousCapybara69AudaciousCapybara69 Member Posts: 25
    Sasha is equally annoying, has been for a while, but she's an excellent marksman. As pissy as she can be, they need her. Rosita? We just found out about her explosives expertise. And she made it quite clear that "just because we slept with the same guy, it doesn't make us friends." I don't think she'll have Sasha's back, and I doubt she'll have some kind of soul-awakening realization that will bring her back to reality. She's heartbroken and pissed off. A dangerous combination in a woman.
  • AudaciousCapybara69AudaciousCapybara69 Member Posts: 25
    > @AudaciousCapybara69 said:
    > A dangerous combination in a woman.

    By the way, I am a woman, so ladies, don't get your panties in a wad. Men and women are different, period. They think differently, feel differently, and as a result, they act differently. Like it or not, we are the more emotional side of our species.
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    If you've read the comics, you'll know that ARGH!!!! so I suspect their attempt will not be successful and Sascha will die. Then Rosita will have more deaths on her conscience.

    I can't get the spoiler tags to work! Sigh...
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    I hope it's not Sasha. My 1st guess is Rosita. Rosita's "I'm mad at the world" is a bit tiring and would be a peaceful end for her. My 2nd guess is Savior Extra No. 42 in the brown shirt/gray khakis
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    1 - Carol
    2 - Morgan
    3= Sasha
    3= Rosita

    I think the next (significant) person to die could be one of a few.
    The 2nd next is Negan

    I also don't think Dwight will last the season. I think he will go at the same time as Negan.
  • Singer01Singer01 Member Posts: 32
    Definitely Sasha, out of the Alexandria crew, Then that snivelling coward leader at hilltop. He needs to be fed to the dead lol.
    Then Eugene needs to fall into the walker pit when Rick and his army kill Negan and his fools.. Dwight needs to be injured and then brutally killed
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  • T_12T_12 Member Posts: 712
    Sasha, or maybe Eugene!
  • ekimhclewekimhclew Member Posts: 779
    Sasha and Eugene are too obvious imo. I haven't read the comics ahead of where the show is, so I don't know what's going to happen, but that just seems too easy. And the walking dead loves messing with your head. You think one persons gonna die, then it's someone totally different. For example, everyone thought the group would find Sophia in season 2 because that's what happened in the comics, then she walked out of the barn as a walker, and carol, who was supposed to die a long time ago, kind of took her place. Then Abraham, he was supposed to be the one who Dwight killed with the arrow through his head, but the doctor took his spot, then they shocked everyone when negan killed him instead of Glenn to start off. Then, for a few minutes, everyone thought Abraham took Glenn's spot, and he too survived his comic death, then out of nowhere, Glenn gets his head bashed in too, completing the circle. And giving us a total mindf*ck. Lol
  • T_12T_12 Member Posts: 712
    At least mention who you think will die!
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