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    Where is @Shteevie when he is needed?
    Remember to use your charge abilities
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    Poppy said:

    Shameless plug time again since the other half of the world now joining in the maintenance fun!!

    Whilst were all waiting for 2.5 to be fixed why not enter my free giveaway, unlike NG i can confirm you have until the end of the month to enter!!!

    Entry still open for the chance to win a set of Rick Grimes & Beth Green collectable figures.


    Not to be pedantic, well maybe, but it's Maggie Rhee. TWDNML even changed her in-game name so it must be true :)
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    edited March 2017
    Maybe someone failed to convert English units to the metric system... or vise versa...
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    edited March 2017
    On the correct place.. Otherwise you will not see update since Easter ;))
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    Teeceezy said:

    @Teeceezy Can you guys send out a Push Notification when the game is back online? I think people are probably getting sick of getting Reload, would be nice to be informed so we don't have to keep checking!

    We'll be sending out a push notification regarding the update gift, so that can be your cue. I'll also post something here once we're live.

    @Teeceezy , is that "once" the new "soon"... ?
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    Still. Waiting.

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    10 radios plus 2000 tg
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    12 hours since the update started. This must be embarrasing.
  • Go home NG, you are drunk...no tired. Try to solve it with fresh mind tomorrow...
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    @prescopj Beth is not Maggie...
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    Ya know, I'd like to play.
    But I'd also like to see how many pages this thread gets to before 2.5 even goes live.
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    @melissamoore Negan doesn't know how to get shit done, just how to shut shit down. ;)
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    When it says "come back soon", does that mean soon, or "2.5 is coming soon" soon
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    12 hours! Even windows doesn't take that long....
  • prescopjprescopj Member Posts: 17

    @prescopj Beth is not Maggie...

    Huh? Maggie is Maggie. Her surname is Rhee, she married Glenn and took his surname. No idea where you got the idea of Beth from.
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    @hellbourne Dont worry... you generally have a week to post for a badge....should be plenty of time...
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    Its catching. Just got home and carn't sign in to Xbox live either.
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