Add "Ethanol Still" to cut time off gas production

How about a building addition called a "Still" that shaves off time from the current 10 minutes per gas can? For every level of this building, shave off a minute from the production time. For example, a Level 1 building cuts gas production to 9 minutes. A Level 7 building cuts gas production to 3 minutes. Maybe make that the max level.


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    agreed. But level 7 should be quite high a council level.
  • DreadDread Member Posts: 450
    or, just reduce the long wait time on gas and increase the max capacity already. ffs!
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    Any improvement to reduce Gass refill time more than welcome ;))
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    Well if a still would be a permanent thing it would unbalance stuff too much probably. Id say give it an activation button and a charge time. Like 3day charge time and then a 24hour reduction upon activating. But that might be just me lol
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    Why would anybody say no ... of course we want something like this
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    edited February 2016
    ;) good question @snolpe
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