2XP in Scavenge Missions not Calculating Correctly

lizzbethlizzbeth Member Posts: 4
I know all of you have been working very hard and thank you. I noticed a possible glitch, if I'm incorrect please advise. Has the 2X XP purchase option changed to not include Mission & Kill Point Rewards? Experienced scenario below...

Purchased the 2X Experience $2.99
Played Scavenge Missions at Level 20 Survivor Recommendation (normal XP points 6300 with 2XP would be 12600)
Used 2 different Survivor Options
1st: all 3 at Level 20...Maggie being the Leader
2nd: 2 Level 20's & 1 Level 18...Daryl being the Leader
Both Kills & Mission Reward produced normal XP points
Crates & Bonus Crates all produced 2X XP (Equipment Scraps also produced 2X XP)

Attached are images.

Thank you so much.


  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    I believe the double xp is only for kills and crates... the mission bonus and scrapping gear was never doubled.

    This was my observation when they gave us a free double xp event...

  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    I'm not sure about mission bonus, but i had double xp over the weekend and item scrapping displayed the normal amount but would still give double that amount if I looked at total XP gain.
  • jeffstasykjeffstasyk Member Posts: 162
    Whenever I have bought the double xp...everything doubles...the scavenge mission amount ABSOLUTELY doubled all the time...(6300 to 12600 like u said)...and the kills all doubled every time as well...so ur mission would have been like 30k/12k instead of the 15k/6k u got...yes u are not getting what ur supposed to unless they changed it...or its a glitch...
  • jeffstasykjeffstasyk Member Posts: 162
    *edit* and scrapping gear also doubled u just had to watch the xp at top to see it...so it shows 4500 but I would get 9000...
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 6,927
    From screenshots it's working as intended. Closed.
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