This update has downgraded my game

I am at level 52. I was working on updating my counsel to 19. All my heros are at 18, and all the rest of my people are 17, epic or rare. All my buildings are to the max.
Why is my "one radio call's" reduced to half, now to a one star 9 or 10 level? They were at 16 minimum for one star.
I decided to join a guild. What do I do if they don't speak English. How do I chat? What is the point of being part of a team that you cannot communicate with or will or may not communicate with you? I feel bad that I am not sure they are a good match. If they are not, how do I get out? Is there any info on how being part of a guild works? I really don't know. I just want to have fun.

Why has the upgrade not matched the level that I am playing at?


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