Episode 11.3 hard?

mackmack Member Posts: 29
Has anyone beat it? I need a good strategy and survivor combination. I don't have any bruiser tho.


  • CapletonCapleton Member Posts: 441
    I used scout&warrior for it cause you do not want many walkers to spawn with the next wave.

    Scout's brainstab for the fattys. And luck and dodge traits are helpful too...
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  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    Heh, there is another thread on this topic... quick answer Zoson has a vid on youtube.. he used war + hunter...

  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    I just beat this level using war and scout. The key was having scout with 100% interrupt. I was able to keep the last fatty busy and then ran past him to get to the exit.

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