Can't log in after new update



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    Hey folks
    Finally I can connect to the game but all my progress is gone. I ´ve been at level 58, all my survivors at level 20 and all buildigs at highest possible level. And now I should start all over again? This sucks big time!!!
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    JAZZZMAN said:

    JAZZZMAN said:


    I'm having same problem as above. If I get in, it crashes out. And won't reload. Message says Connection Issues. I'm playing with same device and in same locations as always. Apparently this is widespread. Is this a known issue that is being fixed?



    UPDATE: Uninstall/reinstall seems to have fixed the problem, and I was able to get my old game through Google Play.
    Aargh UPDATE AGAIN: Having same issue after reinstall. Game keeps crashing, saying Connection Issues. Same as other people. I'm watching Better Call Saul episodes with this connection, so I know that isn't it.
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    @Teeceezy @zbot

    The game no longer loads, only "Unable to reach server." After many times "Reload" I come into play, it is all OK and I am also level 58. But I can not play a mission, the time is not enough. The game will restart automatically after 30 to 60 seconds. The time is not enough to write something to the support until the game restarts.

    If I hold at the start of the game 3 fingers on the display to the support to contact, the game closes and I land on the homescreen. Probably because no contact to the server is ("Unable to reach server.") My wife has the same type the tablet, plays in the same guild, uses the same Wifi and has no problems.

    My data:

    In-game player name of original game: Loewe68
    In-game player level of original game: 58
    Name of guild from original game: Breaking Deads
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    okay so managed to get 3 times in around 80-100 ((i am sure it is more) attempts and then within seconds it restarts.

    Seems to me that there is a server issue or the way the game tries to hold a connection to the server. Can we at least get regular updates so we are not wasting time to re-connect?

    So at the moment cannot play until this is fixed which means I am losing a lot of progress and challenges start today!!!!

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    Oh great
    Forewarned at last.. More maintenance planned for Thursday 5am UTC
    When is UTC time lol
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    I have been trying to stay connected on game for 45 min.
    I can login but it disconnects soon after and saves no progress. I didn't have this problem after the update but now after the update fix I can't connect. Please tweak it soon. I need my daily dose of zombie growls. Thx.
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    A. Member of our guild has contacted you several times as he has not been able to log on to the game since the update. His name is David guild is Revolutiongamer and he is level 28.
    Come on guys sort it out!
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