Multi guild member challenges!!!!

Ive got an idea that would take this game to the next level, if enuf ppl agree perhaps they might think about it for the next update. Here goes, i think there should be challenges where 2,3, maybe 4 guild members can all interactively participate in some form of having to work together to complete the challenge. Whether it is simply an abundance of walkers or certain types of challenges where u just need 2 or more ppl to complete. It would build more of a "team" feeling to the game and also be a source of ways to earn extra rewards, i think it would be a great way to also see which guilds work together better than others so it would even bring another kind of leaderboard. Just a thought...


  • WhyDoYouDieWhyDoYouDie Member Posts: 160
    i also think there should be more of a guild teamwork kind of challange.
  • ekimhclewekimhclew Member Posts: 779
    Great idea! I love it!
  • TJCartTJCart Member Posts: 412
    That would sound like a nightmare in coding and probably just as bad for playability. I'd envision it where all players would have to complete their moves on the current turn before the next one begins. I'd feel terrible, because it's hard enough for me to complete a session of playing as it is without reloading/reconnecting to the game 3 to 4 four times. Not only would the others have to wait for me when this happens, but I imagine that it's equally as likely to happen to them as well (for how much I've seen it complained about on the forum). This would make it take forever to get through even a couple of levels, not to mention when happens when peoples schedules don't line up.

    Still, it is an interesting idea. I'll admit that some form of coop play would add another dimension to the game.
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