What character would you be most like in the zombie apocalypse

I would be part carol as I would be happy to make the hard decisions for the group and do anything to help them, but I would also be part shane as I wouldn't even hesitate to injure someone if it was a choice between myself and them.
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    Talking dead® cuz not killing dead
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    Now killing dead
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  • ekimhclewekimhclew Member Posts: 779
    I would say most like rick. Not necessarily the leadership part, but the willingness to do whatever it takes to survive, including killing people without hesitation, even if they are close to me, if it means I would survive. But all while also trying to keep some form of humanity.
  • deb1hddeb1hd Member Posts: 333
    I would probably be Carol. A Susie homemaker that can also take care of what has to be done for the better of the people she cares about.
  • T_12T_12 Member Posts: 728
    I'd be Rick, it's in my blood!
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    i would be Judith, i am a cry baby and i feel safe when i'm with father

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