Two questions about outpost raids

I don't now if it is a bug or intention. When I attack a outpost for 10 stars and I loose the raid, I'm losing till 25stars :o
And second : in 2.4 I could choose between a few outposts. Now I'm getting always the same 3 or 4, but it costs me 10 goods, regardless how often the same outpost appears

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  • HirogenxHirogenx Member Posts: 15
    @TJCart :Thanks so far. So I'll wait a few days before I'm loosing all my stars in senseless battles :p
  • lkj_timlkj_tim Member Posts: 17
    Normally I can run to the crate and grab the TG without a fight, with the occasional person actually defending it.
    But today... 8 raids in a row I had to bail out on.. kinda strange
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