New update problems

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My game keeps reloading. It wont let me do season mission keeps taking me back to camp instead, outpost, no action, just keeps searching, scavaning i get half way done then reloads set me back to very beginning. Please fix, i cant play if it keeps reconnecting every minute, never had this problem


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    Hola necesito ayuda porfavor la nueva actualizacion hizo que empieze desde el nivel 1 ni se porque .Quisiera recuperar mi cuenta anterior mi cuenta es moises19 y estaba en el nivel 31 porfavor si me la podrian devolver mi cuenta seria genial. saludos
    Ni por google play juegos lo reconoce solucionen eso porfa
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    I would like to recover my account moises19 level 31. I do not know if it's because of the new update but it started from level 1. That's why I make this claim and I'm not the only one to read the comments on google play. Please it is an excellent game and to start from the beginning again it requires a lot of time, that is why I want my account that I lost by the update and if it is not, I suggest that you arrange that detail.
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    Just confirming the reconnecting issue. Happens quite randomly, but not much more than a minute intervals i think. Extremely (!!!) annoying.
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    After update can't do Outpost missions. I can tap outpost, tap Raid (Note: The search for a match takes an inordinately long time now), then select my team, but immediately after tapping Start Mission I get the loading screen depicting my team, but the progress bar remains empty and the opposing team never appears then it dumps to reloading the game (similar to the games behavior after losing the connection and timing out) I have an iPhone 6 iOS 10.2.1 and am running TWD:NML 2.5.0
  • KggKgg Member Posts: 27
    I lost my account. I was lvl 59. What can I do? Uninstall and say Goodbye ?
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,359
  • KggKgg Member Posts: 27
    I lost my account. I was lvl 59. What can I do? Uninstall and say Goodbye ?
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    I have leveled 2 survivors from 20 to 21 at cost of 1.7 million. Now leveling them is 1.97. Is this a glitch or what?
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    Try uninstalling the game and re install it and if that doesn't work try restarting your phone,Because that happened to me and i had to uninstall it and then restart my phone and it worked just fine after i reconnected to my account.
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