survs vs gear

If your low on xp and only have enough to get one started which do you prefer? Currently I've been doing survs over gear but wanted to make sure I was doing in right order


  • aysatyoaysatyo Member Posts: 352
    survivor level ofcourse. gears are easily replaced. And bodyshot probability depends on your survivor level compared to walker level..
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    @skyrlia The topic of this thread could be clearer or more exact, but totally agree w @aysatyo, I recommend to maximize and priorize always upgrading to top ur critical characters - gears come and go. And just ensure u don't kill 'em in Deadlys ;) Meaning no need to maximize *all* characters, just 'em u need in Episode, daily XP and weekly missions. Minor Quests (like 3 assaults 3/3) can be holded for months and u can take Quests in the beginning of Weekly challenge in its lowest levest missions.

    Also, w buildings, after upgrading Council to full, I recommend to upgrade Training ground first, then Workshop and then other building sin the camp.
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    Survivor first (99% of the time)
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