Hero, hunter or tokens?

Just got this pull on a radio call and wondering which way I should go. Only need 6 more tokens to unlock Sasha but the leg hunter is pretty good. I already have 4 non hero hunters but wanting to trim that number down. Any insight would be appreciated.

Screenshots are from the pull and the survivor hunters I have now.


  • Ken4343Ken4343 Member Posts: 21
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    Go with Tammy!!!!!!

    On a serious note, this one's a tuff one, but I'm slightly leaning towards scrapping the legendary and using the tokens to train Yolanda. Not having any form of dodge is a big no for me, and Yolanda is pretty much useful for any type of mission. On the flip side, if you collect Sasha's tokens, you can upgrade her to a rare and unlock iron skin. Her trait is useful for high lvl missions, so I don't think you can really go wrong with either option.
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    I like Yolanda better than the new hunter you have pulled.

    Sasha's leader trait is pretty useful in missions where you get a lot of body shots.

    And hunter tokens are easier to get than hero tokens.

    I would probably pick Sasha.
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  • stick_ninjastick_ninja Member Posts: 34
    Lol @Ken4343. Yeah she's a beast. Better than half of my survivors anyways.

    I ended up unlocking Sasha and upgrading her. Figured as many body shots as I get these days her trait would probably come in handy. Thanks for the help
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