Hero/Survivor "sets"

Okay so, currently in the game, in the top-ish section of your camp, there are 2 buildings that are just there. You can't move em', you can't do anything with them. So what I am suggesting, is turning one of these building into a place where you can view your collection of survivors and heros.

Wait? A collection? Yes!

Once you retire a survivor, they're gone, forever. However, with this new building, you'll be able to look at ALL the survivors you have found. Once you click on the building, a little GUI will pop up (somewhat resembling the training camps one), where you can select the class you want to look at. Let's say you click on scout, and there happen to be 60 or so scouts in the game, and you've only found 26 in total. A little number (26/60) will be visible to show you how many scouts you've found. The scouts you've found will be shown with their name and picture, and the ones you haven't found will only be a grey silhouette and a question mark.

There will be a button called "view collections" where you can see different sets of characters. An example of a set may be the 'Saviours Set', where as once you find and unlock Negan, Dwight and any other saviour, you will get a one-time reward for finishing the set. As a reward, a player might get some supplies, or experience, or a legendary weapon they can only get for completing said set. Of course the reward depends on how extreme and impressive the set is.

A little bit on the building:
-The building will be unlocked at council level 8. This is when the forest is cleared away enough so that the building can be accessed.
-The cost is free, however, there is a 4-hour renovation time to get the place spotless ;)
-There is only 1 level. No upgrades for this building.

Once again, the point to this is so the player can see who they've found, regardless of if the survivor is retired. Think of it as a 'town census'. And, of course, additional rewards to finding certain survivors, and seeing how many survivors you still have to find.

Please, tell me what you think. :)
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  • TJCartTJCart Member Posts: 412
    Sounds great. It could even be labeled as an expansion to the original game:

    TWD: No Poké-man's Land
  • WalkerWarriorWalkerWarrior Member Posts: 46
    Love it!
    Come join the Hells Family!!
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