Why raise training cost by 40% ?



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    There are people playing that haven't even noticed these changes. That is what NG is counting on.
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    The only reason WE know about the level 20-->21 alteration is because a few forum-goers rushed their Training Ground et al and posted that it was 1.7M for the upgrade across the board. I wonder if we'd raise a stink if we'd have just waited and only seen it as 1.97M...
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    After this last couple of weeks, it is safe to say that we will be taking a lot more time with patch notes for future updates. We hear you and we want to improve.

    The rebalancing of classes in conjunction with the addition of a Council Level and the underlying engine changes that were made to try and increase loading speed and stability [not all of which worked, sadly] caused several knock-on effects that were as important as the features themselves, but were difficult to account for without risking the completion of the related work. In some cases, the old maximum level was implemented with inconsistencies in the costs and rewards curves, and correcting for them to prevent greater imbalances later proved easier to do in some cases than others.

    We're not done collecting information from the community and finding out what, if any of it, can be acted on. I hope to be around a lot more in the development of 2.5, and the next month in particular, to help find the best ways to correct course, and hopefully rebuild some trust along the way.
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