Outpost Issue

Is the Outpost fully functional/fully fixed?
I keep getting the same target over and over...
My last search resulted in target outpost 'ste' for 311 TG time after time...prolly cancelled and researched 10X.


  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,541
    @Jaraxle happened to me as well. I got the same one 4 times then the 5th finally changed. It was also a 300 ish TG outpost.

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  • JaraxleJaraxle Member Posts: 14
    I just hope it is still being worked on...cause it is not a one off issue. It happens several times a day...where the same person...or same few keep occuring. Now i didnt really mind it when i hit some poor sod 4x in a row for 500+ TG's. But that never happened prior to 2.5.
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