readjust storage for farms

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a while ago you increased the production of farms but didnt increase the storage capacity per farm, this leads to the problem that the time before you lose production gets shorter, during the we event with double production it wasnt even 4 hours

with increasing farmlvl the time before the storage was full never decreased except once
farm 1 and 2 -> 4 hours
farm 3 and 4 -> 6 hours
farm 5 and 6 -> 8 hours
farm 7 -> 10 hours
farm(old) 8 -> 9 hours 20 mins (typo 14 instead of 15k??)
farm 10 (old) and 11 (old) -> 12 hours

so except for farm 8 the storage capacity was (trunc(farmlvl / 2) * 2 + 2) * production per hour

this formula ould lead to
new farm 9 -> 26.4k storage
new farm 10 -> 36k storage


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    The new farms have a production capacity of 4000 per hour -- yay!
    The farm's storage capacity remains at 36K -- boo!

    That means, in order to keep the full production capacity, it is necessary to harvest every 9 hours.

    Let's say that a person gets 8 hours of sleep. Current recommendations are to stop looking at a screen an hour or two before bedtime. and then there is the issue that people who go to bed don't necessarily go to sleep right away. (Is that diplomatic enough?)

    The point is: it is easy to go more than 9 hours without harvesting. Are we really supposed to keep our devices by our bedside so we can harvest right before, or right after, other activities?
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    Tomato farming is the new cigarette after "other activities". :#
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    Jaden said:

    Tomato farming is the new cigarette after "other activities". :#

    LOL It's a good way to get yourself rightfully accused of video game addiction.

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    I agree that it should be increased, and disagree with the comments that say that we have to log in every 7 hours for the TG store or 8 hours for TG.
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