Double XP & Gas Question

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We can buy unlimited gas and get double xp. We all know that much. And I'm sorry if this has been addressed somewhere else and I didn't catch it. My question is if we can get those two then why in the world can we not get double supplies?!? It just makes sense to offer it especially since upgrading buildings is so very expensive and we have the all time consuming farming to do for every upgrade after council. As if making our guild minimums isn't hard enough...we also have to slowly farm in between challenges! We can buy everything but not the one that, imo, would make a lot of $$$ for NG!!


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    It's a good idea and it has been mentioned before -- I haven't seen a reply by NG, however.

    My theory is that the XP + gas booster is good business for NG because it forces you to spend a lot of gold on quick-finishing upgrades to avoid your XP from overflowing.

    Meanwhile, a supplies + gas booster wouldn't create the same bottleneck as food costs (and food storage capacity) for most players is much higher than for XP. Which means we would spend only a little gold on quick-finishing building upgrades.
    I'm lost.

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  • bast3bast3 Member Posts: 20
    I just feel that it would be on par with xp. You have to farm for both. They pretty much take up the same amount of time. And to me it seems that NG would make more money off of supplies instead of xp. Even if they just had random special events for the chance of double supplies and it costs the same as xp. Idk. It just seems like lately money, money, money. Supplies would be a big...huge in some maker. Thank you for the answer. I just couldn't find it or even make sense if it for a long time now. And saving 6mill+ for Council upgrade is getting so very tedious and slow. I'm more about playing with my guild. I guess I'll get to the Council very slowly. LOL
  • BttlOpenerBttlOpener Member Posts: 993
    At this point playing this game, the only reason I would buy an XP booster is if NG had a 5 second upgrade for equipment, and I had equipment to upgrade. But, that would be coupled with a gas booster.
  • MediManMediMan Member Posts: 27
    I would buy a double supplies booster in an instant. I've been wondering this same question for a while now.
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    You are viewing the money making capacity for this idea from the lens of someone who is leveling up. For those of us who have seen countless billions of supplies get dropped on the ground because we were full and had been full of supplies for weeks or months, we will never buy a supply doubler. XP doubler is something a player might be interested for the full life of their game. Supplies only for the first couple of months while rising in player level.

    However, there are tons of bundles available with Full Supplies for those people coming up. If you are inclined to spend money on such things, hold off until you can't possibly resist another moment because the higher your supply cap, the bigger the payout for the same price.

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    @GrimGael Yes, full supply storage capacity will be 13 exa tomatoes, waiting could be worth it
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    As a corollary: this weekend, as you know, we have a x2 XP event. Does anyone know whether the x2 XP _purchase_ would quadruple my XPs for the weekend? Because, damn, I have a LOT of high-level weapons I'd love to upgrade....
    Thanks a bunch!

  • SweetAcrimonySweetAcrimony Member Posts: 3
    Found the answer.
    I looked at page two.
  • bast3bast3 Member Posts: 20
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    I know most of us had been sitting on full supplies for a long, long time. With the council upgrade it about wiped me out. I upgraded all my plots, my tents, and I think the storage as well. Now here's why I think we should at least have the option even if it's not a huge $$ maker for NG. The cost to upgrade the training center and tool shed is 24 million combined and to make things worse is that it takes two days each to complete the upgrade. They don't have to offer the double supplies all the time. They could just do it when updates like these are released. 24 MILLION. Maybe I should just buy the gold to upgrade those two instantly. And talk about backwards way of upgrading. We all needed the training grounds and tool shed the most. Now it's going to take forever to get both. We can't advance because of this. I'm just really frustrated with the game that I'm seriously thinking about not playing anymore and that being said, I have spent so much money to get where I'm at today. So it would be a huge waste of money but it would be the absolute last mobile game I ever play. Just get a brain developers and think before releasing not only backwards upgrades but also bundles with weapons that are useless after that is upgraded. Serious nerfing going on here.
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