How Long to Train Level 20 Survivor to Level 21?

I might have missed it in another thread, but how long does it take to train a Survivor from Level 20 to 21? Thanks in advance!

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  • T_12T_12 Member Posts: 712
    edited March 2017
    Too long!
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 2,889
    > @T_12 said:
    > Too long!

    Isn't this shorter than what it used to be? I remembered some of my 19 to 20 promotions were longer than an equipment upgrade (close to 24 hours, IIRC).
  • T_12T_12 Member Posts: 712
    Yes @JayZ I agree with you that the survivor upgrade time has decreased by a substantial amount, but for that the survivor training costs have risen drastically!

    I was just being sarcastic above ;)
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 2,889
    @T_12 I've posted this before in another thread, but think it's appropriate to repost here :)

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