Should I keep this survivor?

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Since i'm having so much fun today hanging out on the forums with everyone I figured i'd make a thread.

My free radio call today brought upon me "Elsie".

She's a lvl 11 survivor so you know she's been around for quite sometime. She had some type of walkie with her to hear my call. She's only 1 star so she's not "that good" but she's good enough to where she's progressed 10 levels of the game but that leads me to the question how could she survive with such a crappy weapon?

I'm trying to think logically here. Has she been using the same weapon the whole time she's been in the apocalypse? Not once during her 11 increased levels starting from lvl 1 (where we all started) she didn't find any higher appropriate gear? How can she survive out there when based on this (it's my new favorite post to refer to) she would only be able to take out a walker every other turn (lvl 11 normal walker 2.4 version had 246 health). Is her Iron Skin trait overpowered to the point that it helps her not get killed when theoretically she can't even take out a normal walker equivalent to her own lvl in one hit? Does she have super speed that she can avoid walkers since she clearly can't handle massive quantities on her own?

Or did she leave her lvl 11 weapon with Negan before she came to my camp and is really a spy? Why is her face covered? Does she enjoy eating human flesh and it's a way to stop her like in the RAC video "let go" (see video in the first comment; it's pretty a pretty good song). Is she part of antifa? I assume it's a her but maybe I shouldn't assume her gender.

Damn now I'm all confused... Do I let him/her into my camp or should I reject him/her?

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